Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a unique programme for corporate employees and organizations eager to give back to society. A small part of the employee's salary is deducted every month which accumulates and can then be donated to a cause of their choice. It is one of the easiest ways of improving employee participation in charitable giving.

Why you must set-up Payroll Giving with HelpYourNGO:

Benefits to Employers:

  1. Simple to set-up and run
  2. No set-up costs
  3. Boosts your CSR profile and public image
  4. Shows commitment to your employees

Benefits to Employees:

  1. Easy and convenient – straight from their pay
  2. Tax-effective – it costs less to give more
  3. Supports the causes they care about
  4. Flexible – control over how much they want to donate and to which causes

Online copies of employee donations will be made to the employees' registered email ids, making the completion of their tax return easier. Program Report and Fund Utilisation will be shared by HelpYourNGO periodically for greater transparency.

In case you would like us to set-up Payroll giving for your organization, write to us at

Your company may even opt for payroll giving via our SaaS product - hynGO - which is a simple, transparent, easy to adopt plug-and-play option for companies and their employees to support vetted Indian NGOs.

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Menstrual Hygiene Management Program – rural Rajasthan

2 / 6

Student Friendly Supplementary Education Program – rural Rajasthan

3 / 6

Tech-On-Wheels, a mobile computer lab – Mumbai

4 / 6

Tree plantation – Maharashtra

5 / 6

Rural Health Improvement Program – rural Maharashtra

6 / 6

COVID-19 relief material distribution across Rajasthan and Maharashtra

Allow your employees to make simple, tax-effective contributions to a UN SDG or cause of their choice, through an automated deductions from their salaries.. HelpYourNGO shares donation receipts and reports for complete transparency!

Payroll Giving Process

Success Stories

Senior Citizen finds a solution to overcome loneliness

Kisan is a resident of Siddharth Nagar community, Pune who due to his old age and poor physical condition could no longer work and earn money. Being a non-productive member, his family started ignoring and disrespecting him and considered him a burden.

At the Loneliness Mitigation center, he found companionship with other members of his age and there was social interaction and bonding with them. He also started learning and doing things he had never ever learnt or done in his life like - yoga, laughter yoga, singing songs, playing memory boosting brain games and attending talks on various subjects like health, mental well- being, geriatric care, etc.

Kisan felt he found the Lonelinee Mitigation Center to be a perfect  solution to overcome his loneliness.

Poverty should not be a barrier for education

Arpita’s family consists of her parents and two younger siblings. The family lives in a small village in Honnavar taluka in Uttara Kannada District. Her father is farmer and mother is housewife.The family depends on the income from their small piece of land which is around Rs 36,000/- per annum.

Arpita had scored 87.20% in her class 10 exams and 75% in her Class 12 exams. She had taken admission in reputed university for BSc Electronics program and was provided financial support to pursue her education. She had a keen desire in Software development and was selected for an internship in a startup company named Vegam Solutions in Hubli.

When wishes come true!

Disha*, a  3 year old little girl is suffering from a terminal  illness. She is the only child of her parents and is pampered by everyone in the joint family she lives in. Her father is a cab driver and since she loves to ride in a car, he takes her for ride every single day!

She expressed the wish “I love cars and I would love driving one”. Her wish was to have a battery operated car to drive and she wished to take her doll for drive in her car just like her father takes her!

Disha's wish was fulfilled and she was very happy to see her dream car. She immediately took the wheels  and excitedly drove it around.

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