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Our network includes 650+ NGOs across 500+ zip codes, 13 causes and all 17 UN SDGs.

Many of our donors are eager to expand their horizons by supporting NGO growth and raise funds for causes they are passionate about. We've often fielded questions about finding trusted NGO partners for clothes distribution drives, birthday celebrations or other commemorative events and desktop research is not the ideal approach.

Whether it’s Companies wanting to invite NGO beneficiaries at their premises, or organize NGO exhibitions or even plan employee engagement activities like tree plantation drives, HelpYourNGO has done it all.

HelpYourNGO is a One-stop Shop for donors – we support our donor community throughout their philanthropic journey by acting as an interface between them and trusted NGOs.

Make the giving experience seamless, memorable and fulfilling.. with HelpYourNGO.



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Menstrual Hygiene Management Program – rural Rajasthan

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Student Friendly Supplementary Education Program – rural Rajasthan

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Tech-On-Wheels, a mobile computer lab – Mumbai

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Tree plantation – Maharashtra

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Rural Health Improvement Program – rural Maharashtra

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COVID-19 relief material distribution across Rajasthan and Maharashtra

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Success Stories

Night School Student cracks CA exams!

Rakesh's story is of remarkable focus in the face of adversity. Rakesh had to drop out from school in Std VII owing to the untimely death of his father and move back to his native place in Ajmer, Rajasthan. On coming back to Mumbai in the middle of the academic year, he was forced to take admission in a Night School. Rakesh was desirous of studying further and securing a better future for himself and his family. The family's average monthly income from footwear business was ₹8,000/- and it was not sufficient to meet the expenses of rent, household and education for himself and his younger brother pursuing B.Sc.IT.

He approached Masoom after hearing about their Career Cell's Long Term Scholarship Program.While pursuing graduation, he signed up for the Chartered Accountancy (CA) course. He has successfully managed to clear the first 2 levels of CA exam in the first attempt, a remarkable feat by any benchmark! He is presently undergoing articleship alongside preparing for his final exams and is also pursuing Masters in Commerce from the Mumbai University. Ranjeet has completed his SSC with 83%, HSC with 77% and with 85%.

Transformation from a shy, reserved child in to the class leader

Shradha stays with her family in a rental house in the slums near King Circle station. Shradha’s father works as a delivery person with a courier company and her mother works as a housemaid to run the family. They work hard to make ends meet.

When Shradha joined the Balwadi, she was scared, shy, reserved and afraid of talking to older people. She refused to participate in any activity conducted by the teachers. However, through the efforts of her teachers to make her comfortable and involve her in acticvities, Shradha gradually started actively participating in all activities. She was a good, punctual, and regular student. She showed progress in her studies and also started winning prizes in various activities conducted.

Gradually she transformed into a confident, well behaved child with leadership qualities who could even handle the whole class as a monitor. Her new-found confidence helped her in securing admission in STD I at Shishuvihar English medium school.

Empowering Youth to Learn and Earn

Sollesh G is from Bellary, Karnataka and is a Diploma holder in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. His father is working in the public sector, mother is a home maker and younger sister is studying. 

Before coming to Unnati, Sollesh was very lazy and impatient. He was weak in communication and  had fear of public speaking and hence did not have confidence in himself.

As a part of Unnati, he underwent training in Business Associates stream where besides training in the core modules for his vocation, he learnt spoken English, Life Skills, Values and Basic Computer skills. His 50 days training helped him to learn a lot and overcome all his problems. He got a job in Cargill Business Services  as an Invoicing Executive with a salary of ₹15,000/- per month.

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