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hynGO is a simple, transparent, easy to adopt Plug-and-Launch SaaS Solution for all companies and individuals to support vetted NGOs working towards the 17 UN SDGs… with just one-click! 

The aim is to build a corpus for credible NGOs working towards the 17 UN SDGs. 

A one-time donation provides a steady stream of flows to the selected NGOs for 10 years

hynGO was born out of our desire to create an easy, long-term solution for individuals and companies for supporting vetted NGOs – and for NGOs to have visibility on annual fund flows. It allows donors to support their favorite causes / UN SDGs by donating to NGOs vetted by our Research Analysts. 

Companies can place the hynGO button on their website and app and allow their employees, customers / users, suppliers to support the UN SDGs via credible NGOs with just one click!

hynGO aims at building a CORPUS for credible and vetted NGOs.

Your one-time donation will provide a steady stream of fund flows to trustworthy charities for 10 years.

Why creating a Corpus for NGOs is Important

Globally, university endowments and foundations invest their corpus for long term capital appreciation. Typically, the earnings / capital distributions from these endowments fund nearly 50% of their annual operating budgets.


Unique Features & Advantages

For Donors

For Corporates Adopting hynGO

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Menstrual Hygiene Management Program – rural Rajasthan

2 / 6

Student Friendly Supplementary Education Program – rural Rajasthan

3 / 6

Tech-On-Wheels, a mobile computer lab – Mumbai

4 / 6

Tree plantation – Maharashtra

5 / 6

Rural Health Improvement Program – rural Maharashtra

6 / 6

COVID-19 relief material distribution across Rajasthan and Maharashtra

All benefits with one-click: 

  • 50% tax deduction u/s 80G 
  • Support your favourite causes and vetted charities
  • Complete transparency

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UN SDGs Supported

Success Stories

Senior Citizen finds a solution to overcome loneliness

Kisan is a resident of Siddharth Nagar community, Pune who due to his old age and poor physical condition could no longer work and earn money. Being a non-productive member, his family started ignoring and disrespecting him and considered him a burden.

At the Loneliness Mitigation center, he found companionship with other members of his age and there was social interaction and bonding with them. He also started learning and doing things he had never ever learnt or done in his life like - yoga, laughter yoga, singing songs, playing memory boosting brain games and attending talks on various subjects like health, mental well- being, geriatric care, etc.

Kisan felt he found the Lonelinee Mitigation Center to be a perfect  solution to overcome his loneliness.

Transformation from a shy, reserved child in to the class leader

Shradha stays with her family in a rental house in the slums near King Circle station. Shradha’s father works as a delivery person with a courier company and her mother works as a housemaid to run the family. They work hard to make ends meet.

When Shradha joined the Balwadi, she was scared, shy, reserved and afraid of talking to older people. She refused to participate in any activity conducted by the teachers. However, through the efforts of her teachers to make her comfortable and involve her in acticvities, Shradha gradually started actively participating in all activities. She was a good, punctual, and regular student. She showed progress in her studies and also started winning prizes in various activities conducted.

Gradually she transformed into a confident, well behaved child with leadership qualities who could even handle the whole class as a monitor. Her new-found confidence helped her in securing admission in STD I at Shishuvihar English medium school.

Sowing the seeds of hope in despair

Seema* from Karnataka was dedicated as a Devadasi by her parents at a very young age due to the poor socio-economic conditions of her family. Despite being abolished from the Indian societies, the Devadasi system continues to push young girls into prostitution, wherein their family itself acts as their pimps, selling them to secure some financial aid.

Seema was 20 when she was first brought to Kamathipura. The trials of the exploitative community had left her mentally and physically weak, when AAWC first got in touch with her. AAWC outreach workers constantly focused on helping her rekindle the hope for a better life. She found relief in her everyday interactions with the AAWC Team and was able to find a sense of belonging, trust and solace with the organization. Her initial hesitance and despair started dissolving as seeds of hope took roots in her.

When the lockdown hit and she saw multiple fellow beneficiaries leave the profession with the help of AAWC, she finally expressed her desire to quit the profession. She was promptly counselled by the AAWC workers about the multiple options she could explore. However, Seema was always hesitant to learn or invest in a specific skill training, due to the fatigue from her traumatic past. AAWC outreach workers helped her find an alternative that suited her needs perfectly. She had her own room in the Red-light area and was advised to rent it out, to earn her income. Seema was enthused about the idea and took prompt action to implement the same. Today, she has completely quit the profession and manages her survival with the income earned from the daily rentals.

*Name has been changed in order to protect the identity.

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