Free Financial Analysis

Is the financial dependency on the top donors a matter of concern? Will only individual donations help your programs sustain? Is the growth rate satisfactory? Are too much funds blocked in fixed assets? Is the liquidity ratio healthy?

Find out all this and more about the financial strength of your NGO!

Write to our Research Analysts on for a Free Financial Analysis of your organization.


Proposal Writing

Want to apply for the elusive grant? Not sure if your proposal covers all the necessary parameters to make a strong case for funding? We have got you covered!

Our Team will assist you in reviewing proposals for seeking grants and donations as well as drafting them. The proposal could be one that your NGO may have to submit to seek funding from corporates via CSR, from PSUs, Government bodies, or International agencies.



Program Reporting

We offer to review and prepare Reports - Qualitative (Program Report) as well as Financial (Fund Utilisation Report), on your behalf, in respect of the programs supported by your donors. 

Our Reports are designed to ensure that all material information relevant to stakeholders is highlighted.

The Fund Utilisation Report for an NGO's program would covers key areas such as 

  • Line item wise expense report
  • Variance analysis between budgeted and actuals
  • Reasons for variance, if any
  • Proposed utilisation of unspent, if any

The Program Report would highlight the progress made during the reporting period through parameters such as:

  • Success Stories
  • Beneficiary Outreach
  • Outcome achieved
  • Photos and videos, including beneficiary testimonials

Our Reports are customisable to meet the client's criteria.

NGO Due Diligence

HelpYourNGO offers to conduct a detailed Due Diligence on NGOs. Our Due Diligence Report provides an additional level of comfort to existing and prospective donors. The parameters for evaluation will be finalized based on mutually agreeable terms. Our team will visit your NGO to meet the program staff and beneficiaries and experience the program activities being conducted first hand.

A detailed questionnaire will be prepared depending on the terms of engagement agreed upon.

We strongly recommend covering key financial as well as qualitative parameters such as:

Financial parameters:

  • Detailed analysis of income sources; analysis of major donors; dependency on key donors
  • Breakdown of project-wise expenses; indicating allocation of funds on program activities v/s overheads and other non-program related activities
  • Efficiency levels, liquidity position, sustainability, etc. using ratio analysis
  • Sustainability model

Qualitative parameters:

  • Organisation culture, operating practises and process flow
  • Alignment of programs with organization’s mission/vision statement
  • NGO engagement with key stakeholders
  • Succession plan and management depth
  • Details of Board and Top Management
  • Compliance with various laws as applicable to the non-profit
  • Ongoing litigations / court cases, etc.

Based on our interaction with your NGO's stakeholders as well as our visit experience, we will share a detailed Due Diligence Report with you.

NGO visit

Want us to write an NGO Visit Report describing in detail the amazing work that your organization does? Invite us and we shall come over!

During NGO visits, our team experiences first hand the incredible work that NGOs do. We insist on interacting with the key stakeholders such as the key program personnel and beneficiaries, to gain an in-depth understanding of the work being done. 

Based on our experience and interaction with you and your organization's stakeholders, we shall share with you a Visit Report.