The Dream Team

Meet Our Team

Alex Rodrigues (Accountant)

Alex has a post-graduate degree in Accounts and Finance and over 30 years of experience having worked for multiple companies like Wizcraft International, Brilliant Entertainment, Balaji Telefims, AG Nadiadwala etc.

“I feel that the social sector doesn't receive as much support as it should. The issues faced in this sector are far greater than others I have been part of, and that's what makes working here interesting and challenging. I relate closely to HelpYourNGO's values of transparency and accountability”

Tushar Hemrajani (Research Associate)

As someone who has always been fascinated by the world of finance, Tushar believes that everyone has a valuable contribution to make in our lives and he’s passionate about applying his analytical abilities to promote financial transparency in the non-profit sector.

After completing his M. Com, Tushar joined HelpYourNGO in order to make a significant and long-lasting impact. He enjoys interacting with NGOs and perceives that building strong partnerships and collaborations is essential for addressing complex social and environmental challenges. He is dedicated to supporting non-profits in their efforts to create positive change.

Winnie Dholakia (Director)

A Chartered Account by qualification, Winnie has over 14 years of experience, which includes a seven-year-long stint with Ernst & Young where she audited renowned Indian companies.

In 2015, she decided to use her skills in analysing financials and identifying good management to bring transparency to the social sector and thus started her journey with HelpYourNGO to ‘make a difference’. Winnie is currently leading a team of passionate individuals committed to helping and supporting non-profits achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).