HelpYourNGO Foundation (HYNGO) is a not-for-profit organization set up with the objective of promoting transparency in the social sector and helping donors make donation decisions in an enlightened, strategic and impactful manner. HYNGO is the only organisation in India that standardises and displays detailed financial and program information on 650+ NGOs spread across 480+ zip-codes in India. Our listed NGOs work in 13 sectors ranging from Health and Education to Governance and Animal Welfare.

Since inception, we have raised over Rs4 million for NGOs through our platform and advisory services. We have helped corporates with their CSR commitment and individuals, Foundations, and other institutions plan their philanthropic journey by identifying and recommending NGOs which match their unique requirements.

We have been quoted in interviews by Livemint, Economic Times, Hindu Business Line, Civil Society, and other leading publications.


Change the future of India with just one click!

YourRedButton allows you to donate to vetted NGOs through HelpYourNGO's platform.

In a world filled with instability, tragedy and disappointment, it's tempting to give up and look away.

Yet there are countless invisible do-gooders across India working to improve the lives of the less fortunate.

From education to health, livelihoods and several other sectors, they work tirelessly to ensure that our fellow citizens get access to opportunities for a safer, better and healthier future.

You can support them with just a click!

Your donation will provide a steady stream of inflows for these individuals and charities. You can sponsor scholarships, vocational training, health procedures and lots more.

YourRedButton will allow NGOs to focus on implementing the great work that they do, rather than wasting resources on fund raising – which they may not be good at. Our interaction with NGOs has made us realize the challenges the smaller, un-branded NGOs face in fund raising. Larger, established NGOs hire teams (and pay external marketing agents an exorbitant 30-35% to collect donations!) while the smaller NGOs struggle.

Click now to bring some light into the lives of the less privileged.

University endowments and foundations in USA invest their corpus for long term capital appreciation. For example, Harvard University’s endowment has built a corpus of over USD 37 billion by raising money from their alum and investing it sensibly. The President of Harvard University knows that, every year, he can expect an inflow of approximately USD 2 billion to give scholarships to students, to fund the salaries of the best professors in the world, and to build new facilities like libraries or dorms. He does not have to spend his time raising money but, rather, can focus on enhancing the reputation of Harvard.

What is true for Harvard is true for the hundreds of other university endowments or private endowments like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Typically, the earnings/capital distributions from these endowments tend to fund a large % of the annual operating budgets of the university. It is this steady stream of financial support that allows Harvard to focus on being a world-class university!

What if NGOs in India did not have to focus on raising funds but could rely upon a similar pool of capital to support the fantastic work that they do?

The idea to create YourRedButton was born out of our desire to create a steady stream of inflows for NGOs. YourRedButton will allow NGOs to focus on implementing the great work that they do, rather than wasting their resources on fund raising – which they may not be good at.

The potential benefit to the identified NGOs could be just like Harvard’s.

The monies donated to HelpYourNGO Foundation’s corpus through YourRedButton will be invested in a mutual fund with the Systematic Giving Plan (SGP) facility. The NAV and the value of the YourRedButton corpus will rise or fall with the markets. Every year, 10% of the YourRedButton corpus will be contributed to vetted NGOs monitored and reviewed regularly by HelpYourNGO.

The HelpYourNGO Team interacts with NGOs in person, at their field offices and remotely to identify NGOs that meet the highest standard of credibility and run efficient programs but have lesser visibility than the popular NGOs.

HelpYourNGO identifies credible NGOs to donate the contribution received via YourRedButton.

Some of the parameters considered for shortlisting NGOs:

  • Documentation including Audit and Annual Reports
  • Financial analysis and % Spend on beneficiaries
  • NGO visit: Based on interactions with the NGO team, beneficiaries and other stakeholders
  • Overview of Programmatic work: program need, objective, execution strategy and activities, implementation schedule, scalability, sustainability plan, budget analysis, ownership of community
  • Outcome and impact assessment parameters and indicators
  • Track record and success stories
  • Funding requirement for ongoing and/or new programs

HelpYourNGO will liaise with the supported NGOs to ensure reporting schedule is met which includes submission of periodic Program Narrative Reports and Fund Utilization Statements. This is essential for effective monitoring and evaluation of the funds contributed to the NGOs. 

Half-yearly Program Reports and Fund Utilisation Statements will be shared by HelpYourNGO on this page for donors to review every April and October.

1. Dignity Foundation
2. Each One Teach One Charitable Foundation
  • Opportunity to do social good
  • 80G Tax Receipts (50% tax deduction) will be issued to the Donors
  • Help create an environment of better opportunities for the less fortunate
  • Better opportunities will lead to better outcomes
  • Help support high-impact programs of credible NGOs
  • HelpYourNGO will monitor the utilization of funds
  • Periodic reports will be shared with Donors