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Want to donate to an NGO? Donate to NGOs online on our website! HelpYourNGO gives you access to 600 NGOs working in 13 cause areas across India. If you are looking to donate to non-profit organisations, join our existing donation campaigns or find an NGO of your choice.

Be A Brick: Each fortnight, HelpYourNGO shortlists 5 great causes you can donate to. They are among the best performing NGOs on our website, and you can be assured that your money will be used well. Click here to see this month's causes!

  • See our Funds Raised page to find out which NGOs our donors have chosen in the past.

Find an NGO of your choice: Use our Easy Search Tool to find an NGO that works in a cause or location of your preference. You can even search for NGOs based on financial criteria.

HelpYourNGO is a search and discovery platform for India’s best NGOs. Our processes make it easy to understand an NGO’s finances and core work areas

HelpYourNGO: How to donate to non profit organisations online.

Looking to donate? Explore the campaigns on our website that list specific projects by different NGOs. Alternately, you can use our NGO profiles to estimate an NGO’s size and budgetary needs relative to your donation amount

Join an existing campaign

We source donation options worth Rs500 and more for you each month. Buy food for the elderly, educate a girl, support a patient undergoing treatment and many more options

Choose your own cause and donation amount

Search our database of NGOs for one that meets your requirements. You can shortlist NGOs by name, cause, location, tax-benefits and check out our ‘Recommended’ NGOs as well

Our payment process lets you donate to an NGO thousands of miles away with just a few clicks

HelpYourNGO: Online Donation Payment Process

  • HYNGO India Pvt Ltd keeps 5% of all donations. This fee partially covers some of our costs, namely:
    • Charges for processing your payments
    • Fees for our donor advisory services, including listing and vetting NGOs and recommending suitable projects
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