If you need any help in creating your Fundraising form or want to edit it, please write to us at Contact@HelpYourNGO.com

If you haven't received your donation receipt or 80-G certificate, please write to us and we will ensure that it reaches you at the earliest.


We will prepare a receipt for all donors as soon as
1. the CCAvenue/PayUMoney transaction is completed, or
2. the amount is credited in our account (for NEFT/cheque payment).
The receipt for your donation along with the 80G certificate will be sent via email in two working days of us receiving your donation. Donations will reflect in the page for the Runners as soon as either transaction is completed.

For donations by non-Indian citizens there is a separate process. You will receive an email with details. Donations will reflect in the page for the Runners as soon as the transaction is completed.

Please note that of the five NGOs, only Baroda Citizens Council is authorized to accept donations from non-Indian citizens. All the other NGOs can only accept donations from Indian citizens.

Please get in touch with us if there any issues relating to this.

Email id: contact@HelpYourNGO.com

Phone no: 022 2204 1250

We will try to resolve your query within 24 hours.