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HYNGO has recently introduced a financial score for NGOs. It gives donors a sense of NGO financial efficiency and sustainability. A higher financial score indicates an NGO with a high beneficiary spend (desirable), robust income growth and financial strength.

This is a list of the smallest NGOs (based on FY14 income) with a financial score of 5 stars.

NGO Name Focus Sub Category Income Rs mn
Kashyap Divya Jyoti Sewa Society Development Services for the Poor 893,371
Action for Development and Welfare of Society and Environment (AFDWOSE) Development Services for the Poor 610,564
Aastha Foundation, Aurangabad Elderly Home/Shelter 2,706,876
Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre (MAHELERECEN) Health Leprosy 895,411
Abhiprerna Foundation Disability Rehabilitation - Mental Disability 6,716,011