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Investments are built up by NGOs for generating income against corpus, putting away extra funds for future use (for a rainy day!) or setting aside money for a large project (building, land). These NGOs have the highest Investments in our database.

NGO Name Focus Investment (Rs) Inv as a % of Total Assets Int as a % of Total Income Year
Bharti Foundation Education 2,872,870,135 81 30 2015
Akshaya Patra Foundation, The Children 1,192,554,000 38 2
BAIF Development Research Foundation Comprehensive Empowerment 1,130,920,445 48 1 2015
SOS Children's Villages of India Children 983,885,321 41 5 2014
Professional Assistance For Development Action (PRADAN) Comprehensive Empowerment 763,188,823 64 5