HelpYourNGO launched the Systematic Giving Plan (SGP) - a first of its kind initiative in the world. SGP enables investors to contribute 10% of their investment with a Mutual Fund (MF) every year towards charitable causes vetted and monitored by us.

The idea to create a corpus which benefits NGOs was born out of our desire to create a steady stream of inflows for compassionate individuals doing yeoman service via NGOs. There are over 50 million folios in the MF industry today. If everyone was to sign up to a Rs 1,000 one-time contribution to an SGP (if not more!), this would result in a total corpus of Rs 5,000 crore from which 10% per annum, or Rs 500 crore per year could go to a multitude of NGOs selected by investors. 

SGP was awarded the 'Best Social Impact Initiative' at the India Wealth Awards by AIWMI in 2018.

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In the first few years, Sammaan will enlist agencies such as Dasra, HelpYourNGO, Credibility Alliance and GiveIndia to audit the projects. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has also agreed to sign off on CSR spending made through Sammaan.

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NGOs: The Credibility Conundrum | Jul 30 2015

To accomplish their 2% CSR spending, many companies may need to partner with non-profits. But since few NGOs have accreditation, organizations are finding it difficult to partner with them.

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