SGP is Plug-and-Launch SaaS Solution for mutual funds and their investors.

It is a tailor-made hynGO solution which enables mutual fund investors, on the basis of their consent, to contribute 10% of their investment every year to NGOs vetted and monitored by HelpYourNGO.

The idea to create SGP was born out of our desire to create a steady stream of fund flows for genuine and trustworthy NGOs. NGOs in India do not have the skill set for raising money – but mutual fund houses do! What if their money-raising abilities could help NGOs to rely upon a pool of capital to support the fantastic work that they do?

In an era where companies are meant to do more than just focus on profit, our ask of the owners of the mutual fund houses is very small: Add this simple but powerful SGP unit and help India achieve the 17 UN SDGs. 

Process Flow

Media Mentions

Ajit Dayal (Founder)

HelpYourNGO is the brainchild of Ajit Dayal - a renowned fund manager in India and abroad, whose credits include the US$2 billion Vanguard International Value Fund. A strong believer in the ease and simplicity of long-term investments, Ajit is also the founder of Quantum Asset Management Company and PersonalFN. Ajit is also a prolific writer on investing in Indian and global markets as well as Indian Real Estate. He is the editor of The Honest Truth. Ajit believes ‘The Honest Truth will help us lead better, more honest lives - and still allow us the opportunity to enjoy some wealth for our material comforts.’ It's no wonder Forbes India called him "The Mutual Fund Maverick". For 28 years, Ajit has been going against the crowd to build a company that puts investors over profits.  Ajit believes that for India to be a stable society, the less fortunate of our country must be provided with opportunities to flourish. 

Alex Rodrigues (Accountant)

Alex has a post-graduate degree in Accounts and Finance and over 30 years of experience having worked for multiple companies like Wizcraft International, Brilliant Entertainment, Balaji Telefims, AG Nadiadwala etc.

“I feel that the social sector doesn't receive as much support as it should. The issues faced in this sector are far greater than others I have been part of, and that's what makes working here interesting and challenging. I relate closely to HelpYourNGO's values of transparency and accountability”

Free Financial Analysis ()

Is the financial dependency on the top donors a matter of concern? Will only individual donations help your programs sustain? Is the growth rate satisfactory? Are too much funds blocked in fixed assets? Is the liquidity ratio healthy?

Find out all this and more about the financial strength of your NGO!

Write to our Research Analysts on for a Free Financial Analysis of your organization.


Free Registration ()

Get your NGO registered on HelpYourNGO's portal completely free of cost. 

By listing with us, you drastically increase the visibility that your NGO gets to users of our website. We seek to provide all the preliminary information  (qualitative and financial) that a donor may require to facilitate an initial donation decision.

Here is what an NGO's page looks like on our portal.

Write to us at and our Research team will assist you with the listing process.


Get featured in our Newsletter ()

Received an award from the Government as a recognition for your work?

Achieved a major milestone?

Running a unique campaign in which masses can participate?

Are your beneficiaries scaling new heights?

Share your success with us and we would be happy to cover the same in our Newsletter.

I. V. Subramaniam (Founder)

I. V. Subramaniam or Subbu, a CFA charter holder and qualified Company Secretary, has over 22 years of experience in the investing domain and has managed Quantum’s India-based portfolios for many years now. 

Tracking Indian companies and electric utilities in the emerging markets and global building materials Companies… He has unparalleled experience in picking out lucrative investment opportunities across all sectors.

Subbu has been guiding HelpYourNGO since inception.

NGO Due Diligence ()

HelpYourNGO offers to conduct a detailed Due Diligence on NGOs. Our Due Diligence Report provides an additional level of comfort to existing and prospective donors. The parameters for evaluation will be finalized based on mutually agreeable terms. Our team will visit your NGO to meet the program staff and beneficiaries and experience the program activities being conducted first hand.

A detailed questionnaire will be prepared depending on the terms of engagement agreed upon.

We strongly recommend covering key financial as well as qualitative parameters such as:

Financial parameters:

  • Detailed analysis of income sources; analysis of major donors; dependency on key donors
  • Breakdown of project-wise expenses; indicating allocation of funds on program activities v/s overheads and other non-program related activities
  • Efficiency levels, liquidity position, sustainability, etc. using ratio analysis
  • Sustainability model

Qualitative parameters:

  • Organisation culture, operating practises and process flow
  • Alignment of programs with organization’s mission/vision statement
  • NGO engagement with key stakeholders
  • Succession plan and management depth
  • Details of Board and Top Management
  • Compliance with various laws as applicable to the non-profit
  • Ongoing litigations / court cases, etc.

Based on our interaction with your NGO's stakeholders as well as our visit experience, we will share a detailed Due Diligence Report with you.

NGO visit ()

Want us to write an NGO Visit Report describing in detail the amazing work that your organization does? Invite us and we shall come over!

During NGO visits, our team experiences first hand the incredible work that NGOs do. We insist on interacting with the key stakeholders such as the key program personnel and beneficiaries, to gain an in-depth understanding of the work being done. 

Based on our experience and interaction with you and your organization's stakeholders, we shall share with you a Visit Report. 


Nishant Parekh (Head - Research and Advisory Services)

A Chartered Accountant by qualification and a certified CSR professional by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Nishant’s association with the development sector began in college as head of the National Service Scheme unit.

At HelpYourNGO, he strives to utilize his analytical skills to promote financial transparency in the social sector. As an advisor to donors, including as CSR consultant to corporates, the responsibility and challenge of optimising clients’ funds in the best possible manner is something that he finds most fulfilling.

An educator by passion, he is also a teaching faculty at leading institutions like NMIMS.

Partner With Our NGO Partners ()

Are you looking for an implementing NGO partner specializing in a certain domain? Do you want to evaluate scope for collaborations with other NGOs working towards a similar cause as you? Do you want to more about the work being done by our partner NGOs?

HelpYourNGO has 650+ partner NGOs whose work spans across various sectors and UN SDGs.

Write to us at and we shall connect you to NGOs on our portal meeting your requirement!

Here's to doing more social good together!

Program Reporting ()

We offer to review and prepare Reports - Qualitative (Program Report) as well as Financial (Fund Utilisation Report), on your behalf, in respect of the programs supported by your donors. 

Our Reports are designed to ensure that all material information relevant to stakeholders is highlighted.

The Fund Utilisation Report for an NGO's program would covers key areas such as 

  • Line item wise expense report
  • Variance analysis between budgeted and actuals
  • Reasons for variance, if any
  • Proposed utilisation of unspent, if any

The Program Report would highlight the progress made during the reporting period through parameters such as:

  • Success Stories
  • Beneficiary Outreach
  • Outcome achieved
  • Photos and videos, including beneficiary testimonials

Our Reports are customisable to meet the client's criteria.

Proposal Writing ()

Want to apply for the elusive grant? Not sure if your proposal covers all the necessary parameters to make a strong case for funding? We have got you covered!

Our Team will assist you in reviewing proposals for seeking grants and donations as well as drafting them. The proposal could be one that your NGO may have to submit to seek funding from corporates via CSR, from PSUs, Government bodies, or International agencies.



Rahul Goel (Founder)

Rahul Goel is the CEO of Equitymaster. 

A keen follower of the market, an intelligent analyst, and an avid reader himself…

Rahul joined Equitymaster way back in 1995 as a part-time trainee and has been there ever since, except for a short stint to complete his higher studies. He began with part-time employment with Quantum while pursuing his Bachelor's degree in 1994, then went on to complete his MBA and CFA.

Over the years, Rahul, along with a very talented team, has helped build Equitymaster into India’s most trusted research house.

Start a Crowdfunding Campaign ()

Use the power of social media to raise funds from the 'crowd' to 'fund' a cause close to your heart using our CrowdFunding Campaign.

You can raise funds for anything - from meeting the veterinary expenses for the treatment of a stray dog to meeting the education expenses of an orphan, from arranging for a cricket kit for the kids of a local Government school, to bearing the cost of a heart transplant of someone in need.

You choose the cause and we assist you with setting up the campaign to raise funds and create awareness.

Click here to start your campaign.

Tushar Hemrajani (Research Associate)

As someone who has always been fascinated by the world of finance, Tushar believes that everyone has a valuable contribution to make in our lives and he’s passionate about applying his analytical abilities to promote financial transparency in the non-profit sector.

After completing his M. Com, Tushar joined HelpYourNGO in order to make a significant and long-lasting impact. He enjoys interacting with NGOs and perceives that building strong partnerships and collaborations is essential for addressing complex social and environmental challenges. He is dedicated to supporting non-profits in their efforts to create positive change.

Winnie Dholakia (Director)

A Chartered Account by qualification, Winnie has over 14 years of experience, which includes a seven-year-long stint with Ernst & Young where she audited renowned Indian companies.

In 2015, she decided to use her skills in analysing financials and identifying good management to bring transparency to the social sector and thus started her journey with HelpYourNGO to ‘make a difference’. Winnie is currently leading a team of passionate individuals committed to helping and supporting non-profits achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

NGOs Supported via SGP

UN Sustaibanle Goals

Success Stories

Sollesh G is from Bellary, Karnataka and is a Diploma holder in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. His father is working in the public sector, mother is a home maker and younger sister is studying. 

Before coming to Unnati, Sollesh was very lazy and impatient. He was weak in communication and  had fear of public speaking and hence did not have confidence in himself.

As a part of Unnati, he underwent training in Business Associates stream where besides training in the core modules for his vocation, he learnt spoken English, Life Skills, Values and Basic Computer skills. His 50 days training helped him to learn a lot and overcome all his problems. He got a job in Cargill Business Services  as an Invoicing Executive with a salary of ₹15,000/- per month.

Arpita’s family consists of her parents and two younger siblings. The family lives in a small village in Honnavar taluka in Uttara Kannada District. Her father is farmer and mother is housewife.The family depends on the income from their small piece of land which is around Rs 36,000/- per annum.

Arpita had scored 87.20% in her class 10 exams and 75% in her Class 12 exams. She had taken admission in reputed university for BSc Electronics program and was provided financial support to pursue her education. She had a keen desire in Software development and was selected for an internship in a startup company named Vegam Solutions in Hubli.

Disha*, a  3 year old little girl is suffering from a terminal  illness. She is the only child of her parents and is pampered by everyone in the joint family she lives in. Her father is a cab driver and since she loves to ride in a car, he takes her for ride every single day!

She expressed the wish “I love cars and I would love driving one”. Her wish was to have a battery operated car to drive and she wished to take her doll for drive in her car just like her father takes her!

Disha's wish was fulfilled and she was very happy to see her dream car. She immediately took the wheels  and excitedly drove it around.


Globally, university endowments and foundations invest their corpus for long term capital appreciation. Typically, the earnings / capital distributions from these endowments fund nearly 50% of their annual operating budgets.

What is true for Harvard is true for the hundreds of other university endowments or private endowments like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is this steady stream of financial support that allows Harvard to focus on being a world-class university!

What if NGOs did not have to focus on raising funds but could rely upon a similar pool of capital to support their incredible work?

The idea to create SGP was born out of our desire to create a steady stream of flows for genuine & trustworthy NGOs. SGP will allow NGOs to focus on implementing the great work that they do, rather than wasting their resources on fund raising – which they may not be good at. 

Our interaction with NGOs has made us realize the challenges the smaller, un-branded NGOs face in fund raising. Larger, established NGOs hire teams (and pay external marketing agents an exorbitant 30-35% to collect donations!) while the smaller NGOs struggle. The potential benefit to the identified NGOs could be just like Harvard's!

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