HelpYourNGO Foundation (HYNGO) is a not-for-profit organization set up with the objective of increasing transparency in the social sector. India has more than 3 million registered non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and it is reported that less than 10% of these file annual returns with the government authorities. HYNGO is the only organisation in India that standardises and displays detailed financial and program information on 650+ NGOs spread across 480+ zip-codes in India. Our aim is to connect donors to genuine, trustworthy NGOs through information on our website and offline donor advisory services. Our listed NGOs work in 13 sectors ranging from Health and Education to Governance and Animal Welfare.


Our website features social sector information, interviews and videos on NGOs, and the state of philanthropy in India. The HelpYourNGO Knowledge Centre is designed to serve the learning and resource requirements of NGO professionals. Our workshops, events, online resources and knowledge partnerships provide sector-specific advice to non-profit professionals and help them navigate the problems in their day-to-day functioning.

Since inception, we have raised over Rs2 million for NGOs through our platform and advisory services. We have helped corporates with their CSR commitment and individuals, Foundations, and other institutions plan their philanthropic journey by identifying and recommending NGOs which match their unique requirements. We have been quoted in interviews by Livemint, Economic Times, Hindu Business Line and other leading publications.


When HelpYourNGO Foundation (HYNGO) is the NGO chosen by the investor under the SMILE facility, the investor further has the option to select any of the below mentioned Sectors (max 2) of his/her choice. Based on the investor’s sector preference, HYNGO will identify suitable high-impact NGOs in India for making the SMILE contribution.

    The donations will be made only to the HYNGO Recommended NGOs. Based on due diligence procedures and NGO visits conducted by the HYNGO Team, select NGOs are moved to the ‘Recommended’ category to highlight that they meet the highest standard of credibility and due diligence norms. Donors may use the HYNGO portal to view information (standardized financials, % spend on beneficiaries, programs, tax benefit, location, NGO contact, etc.) of all the HYNGO Recommended NGOs.

    HYNGO reserves the right to select the NGOs to which the SMILE contributions are to be made, meeting the investor’s sector criteria.

    Based on the investor’s Sector preference, HYNGO will identify high-impact NGOs to donate the contribution received via the SMILE facility. For this, mentioned below are some parameters* that will be considered by HYNGO for shortlisting NGOs:

    • Documentation: Registration certificate, Trust deed/MOA/AOA, 12A Certificate, 80G Certificate, PAN, Audit and Annual Reports, etc.
    • Financial analysis and % Spend on beneficiaries
    • NGO visit by HYNGO: based on interactions with the NGO team and beneficiaries
    • Overview of Programmatic work: includes program need, objective, execution strategy and activities, implementation schedule, scalability, sustainability plan; whether program is in sync with the NGO’s mission and vision statements
    • Outcome and impact assessment and indicators
    • Track record and success stories
    • Funding requirement for ongoing or/and new programs: including evaluation of the proposed budget

    The HYNGO Team interacts with NGOs in person, at their field offices and remotely to identify high-impact programs. We make an effort to identify small and medium-sized NGOs which meet our due diligence norms and run efficient programs but have lesser visibility than the popular NGOs.

    * Parameters are subject to change and are decided by the HYNGO team based on their sector expertise and experience with the NGOs

    Quantum SMILE Investor List
    Sr. No. Donor Name
    Details of funds disbursed to NGOs
    Sr. No. NGO Name Amount Disbursed
    Reporting Date

    HYNGO liaises with the NGOs to ensure reporting schedule is met which includes submission of periodic program reports and fund utilisation statements. This is essential for effective monitoring and evaluation of the money contributed to the NGOs.

    Program Reports and Fund Utilisation Statements will be updated in this section every 6 months, for a period of 1 year, for the investors/donors to review.

    Since payout date is 30th September every year, the reports will be shared:

    • For the period from October to March: By 15th April
    • For the period from April to September: By 15th October

    NGO Reports (Sample)

    1. NGO Name: XYZ Trust

      Program Details
      • The aim is to help underprivileged youth develop IT skills, improve interpersonal skills and gain professional development exposure, thereby impacting their ability to jumpstart careers in various sectors and find desired job opportunities.

        The primary objective is of making them ‘digitally literate’ – enhancing their ability to use digital tools & devices in their day-to-day lives. As part of the ABC Program, the NGO runs job-oriented Community Information and Training Centres for conducting trainings. Apart from application software trainings, the youth are also introduced to various online platforms like banking, shopping, paying utility bills, etc. They are encouraged to use IT as one of the sources to enhance their knowledge base. The emphasis is on exposing them to basics of IT and instilling the confidence in them to implement what they have learnt. The program aims to channelize their energies for positive and productive purposes through basic IT and soft skills training, thereby making them more efficient and employable. Laptops are provided to the students for self-study and group study.

        • Train underprivileged youth in foundation skills comprising Basic IT and Soft skills
        • Enhance their employability skills
        • Provide a platform to help the youth understand the current job market

        • Underprivileged background
        • Age group of 14 to 30 years, of which above 18 year olds qualify for placement opportunities
        • Std VIII passed

      Fund Utilization Statement as on reporting date
      Particulars Amount in Rs. Description
      Opening balance    
      Add: Donations received during the year    
      Less: Expenses incurred during 1st October to 31st March
      • Program Expenses
      • Salaries
      • Rent
      • Office expenses
      • Others
      Less: Expenses incurred during 1st April to 30th September
      • Program Expenses
      • Camps
      • Salaries
      • Rent
      • Office expenses
      • Others
      Closing Balance    

    Please feel free to connect with us via email ( or phone (+91 22 22041250/51) if you have any queries.

    Contact Person: Winnie Dholakia