NGO Insights: Slum Rehabilitation Society

Dated : 09 Oct 2013
  1. Sector and Positioning:

Slum Rehabilitation Society (SRS) aims at integrated improvement of living standards of slum dwellers, focusing on both physical and social improvement.

The organization works with slum communities in various ways: facilitating relocation to permanent housing, formation of housing co-operatives, and training former slum dwellers to maintain their homes and take care of their environment. There is a special focus on empowerment of women and educating children. In addition, capacity building and income generation are other aspects of SRS’ work, part of a ‘post rehabilitation’ program designed to help individuals adjust successfully and take charge of their changed lives.

More than 4,000 people have benefitted in FY12 through all the activities of SRS. SRS is one of the few NGOs active in this space; the others are SPARC and Yuva Urban Initiatives.


  1. Financial Parameters:
  • Major source of income in FY12 was through foreign donations (44% vs 16% in FY11)
  • Getting adequate funding is a key challenge for SRS. Most of their funding in the past two years has come from foreign inflows, interest income and transfer from past savings (reserves)
  • Reported deficits in the past two years (FY11 and FY12). Accumulated deficit as of March 2012 was Rs3.7mn
  • Efforts are made to shift focus on Direct Program Expenses and reducing overheads. Direct Program Expenses increased by 8% to 68% of total costs in FY12 whereas overall overhead expenses declined by same percentage
  • Past reserves were created from sale of shops and donations from abroad. With limited income and most of its slum rehabilitation projects still awaiting approval, SRS has shifted from slum rehabilitation colonies (which are now self-managed) to setting up more service centres in slum colonies – new balwadis, health centres, computer classes and other skill training centres.












  1. Sustainability Parameters:
  • SRS is focussed on Mumbai’s urban poor and raising funds for this cause is a challenge for SRS
  • Self-sufficiency ratio declined drastically from 0.7x in FY11 to 0.46x in FY12 due to decrease in interest income and consultancy income
  • On-going negotiations to attempt sub leasing/assignment of lease of their Mount Mary project. If these negotiations are successful, it should help strengthen SRS’ corpus and allow them to more confidently take on rehabilitation projects.


  1. Major Challenges:
  • Lack of support from official authorities like Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA)  
  • Inadequate funding from local sources (Refer fig 1)


  1. Governance & Reporting Standards:
  • Well-known and reputed NGO; been in existence for four decades now
  • Member of National Campaign for Housing Rights and the Housing Advisory Committee of the Government of Maharashtra
  • Founding Member of the Committee for Housing Rights, involved in founding of Remaking of Mumbai Federation
  • Received the Dubai International Award for Best Practices from Dubai Municipality and United Nations Human Settlement Programme, UN – Habitat
  • Experienced and an organized team working purposefully towards achieving their goal. A new core team has been recruited to lead SRS into the future under the same vision and values for which SRS is known and appreciated
  • Recently re-designed their website, which is very informative


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