NGO Insights: In Defense Of Animals

Dated : 05 Nov 2014
  1. Sector and Positioning:

In Defense of Animals (IDA) is a non-profit organization based in Maharashtra which provides care and relief mainly to dogs and cats. It also occasionally takes care of other stray animals. IDA has animal care centres in Deonar & Vashi in Navi Mumbai. Both the centres are under the purview of municipal corporations. IDA is the only animal protection organization in Mumbai which runs a 24-hour emergency van service for accident/emergency cases.

IDA plans to start a full-fledged mini hospital for animals in the eastern suburb of Mumbai. This would include treatment of larger animals like cows, bullocks, buffaloes, ponies, donkeys and mules. An X-ray Unit and a Pathology Lab are also planned for the near future.

  1. Impact:
  • IDA’s Animal Birth Control (ABC) program reaches out to 1,300 stray dogs per month (400 in Mumbai, 400 in Navi Mumbai, 350 in CIDCO, 75 in Lonavala & 75 in Dahanu). This program also caters to 90 stray cats per month at Deonar. Under this initiative, the animals are sterilized to control their population. IDA has sterilized 88,656 dogs and 3,582 cats to date.
  • Mobile clinic vans equipped with a qualified veterinarian and a driver-cum-helper treats 300 dogs & cats per month for minor ailments on the road itself.
  • In FY13, 3,000 water bowls were placed in & around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to provide clean drinking water to street animals. This project is also gaining popularity in other cities like New Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune.
  1. Financial Parameters:
  • Donations are the largest income source and have averaged 50% of total income in the past three years; however this source has been declining to reach 44% in FY14. Grants from various municipal bodies for sterilization of stray dogs has been steady at around 30% since FY12 as IDA helps control the stray dog population.  Since FY13, another key source of funds has been IDA, USA and other foreign donors (Ref. Fig. 1).
  • In 2014, 37% of total expenses were utilized for direct program activities, and 52% was spent on program staff costs. This level of expenses has been the trend for all the three years that we analysed. The high expense on program staff is justifiable as the NGO works for animal welfare & it requires skilled professional manpower (Ref. Fig. 2).

  • Every year funds are earmarked and kept aside for purchase of new ambulances – Rs0.4mn in FY14. IDA also keeps aside Rs0.2mn every year to its corpus for educating the children of its employees.
  • Establishment expenses (Repairs, Maintenance and Insurance of Ambulance and Mobile Clinic) attributable to various Trust objectives have been taken as Program Expenses.
  1. Sustainability Parameters:
  • IDA has reported a 16% CAGR in its income in the past 2-years (FY12-14). This is mainly attributable to an increase in grants from government sources (Ref. Fig. 3).
  • Self Sufficiency Ratio (SSR) fell drastically from 68% in FY12 to 43% in FY13 but improved slightly in FY14 (49%). SSR shows an organization’s ability to meet its expenses from its own income (general donations, sales, service charges and interest).
  • Sponsors: IDA gets reasonably good support from its parent organization in USA (USD3,000 per month) and through grants from Municipal Corporations of Greater Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Dahanu and from City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd (CIDCO).
  1. Major Challenges/Improvement Areas:
  • Space limitation. IDA can only accommodate around 450 dogs and 50 cats at their premises at any time.
  • There are not enough good quality veterinary doctors to attend to the increasing cases of accidents or animals requiring treatment.
  1. Governance & Reporting Standards:
  • The Board consists of 12 members, all of whom are actively involved and the average age of members is from 50 to 60 years. They are in daily contact with each other through email.
  • In Defense of Animals India chapter needs to report the details of programs and treatments conducted on a monthly basis to IDA USA. This ensures proper maintenance of records, archiving documents and pictures.                                   

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