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Dated : 21 Oct 2014
  1. Sector and Positioning:

OSCAR Foundation (Organization for Social Change, Awareness & Responsibility) is a Non-profit organization that works on child development through sports and education. It has chosen to exclusively use Football as a means to engage with children of which 70% are boys. It helps children who are school drop-outs, child laborers, or addicted to drugs and gambling.  Through football OSCAR trains children, teaches them life skills and to take on responsibilities. It also develops youth to become leaders who in turn provide training to other children. OSCAR believes that every child should get educated to live a better life. Hence, it helps children through tuitions in subjects like English, Math and Hindi. OSCAR has also started a computer center for the children to help improve their computer skills. Further, at its community development center, OSCAR maintains a stack of books (mini library) for children/young adults who are permitted to use the books as and when required.

OSCAR is keen to start their own Sports Academy where children from slums are given free football training.

  1. Impact:
  • Since inception in 2006 (it was formally registered in 2010), OSCAR has nurtured more than 1,770 children and youth across India, through Football & Education in the seven to twenty year age group.
  • In Mumbai alone, around 400 children have benefitted from OSCAR so far. Children in Goa, Orissa, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Bihar and Gujarat have benefitted from OSCAR’s program.
  • The children have participated in many football club tournaments organized by Air India, HDFC & others and have won several awards. Seven children have also got a huge opportunity as they have been selected to participate in the ongoing Indian Super League (ISL).
  • 135 young adults in the age group of 16 to 22 years were recognized by OSCAR for their outstanding performance. They have been recruited and designated as ‘Young Leaders’ and own the responsibility of training younger children in their community. Only 35 are still involved in the program, others have opted to pursue further studies or have taken up a job to support their families. 
  1. Financial Parameters:
  • Total income on Y-o-Y basis rose by 204% in FY13, due to a higher level of confidence in the impact that OSCAR is making, as more  individuals & corporates come forward to support this cause.
  • In FY13, 52.5% of total expenditure was spent on stipend for Young Leaders undergoing training. OSCAR has not provided us the expenditure break-up in FY11 and FY12. However, in FY13, program expenses have been in-line with industry average of 74%.
  • Since FY12, OSCAR has been maintaining high level of Cash & Bank balance as income levels are still low and volatile.
  1. Sustainability Parameters:
  • OSCAR posted an impressive 4-Year income CAGR of 133% during FY11-FY13. The increase is mainly due to two key factors:  growing confidence among individuals in their activities and a high rate of growth typically seen in new organizations in the initial growth stage.
  • Although Self Sufficiency Ratio (SSR) has decreased from 137% in FY12 to 105% in FY13, the ratio is still higher than NGOs such as Magic Bus & Dream A Dream. It has been above 100%, since FY11. SSR measures how much of expense can be met from own Income – individual donations/corpus income/fee income.
  • Partners: Supporters include FIFA-affiliated Street Football World Organization for young leaders which provides capacity building & curriculum design for the programs; Generation for Peace from Jordan to conduct training & events, Atma offers consultancy, training, advocacy & skilled volunteers. OSCAR has also signed a one year deal with Bombay Rotary Club of Sealand for using their facilities for tuition classes and workshops. 
  1. Major Challenges:
  • Devising mechanism to assess qualitative impact made through OSCAR’s programs.
  • Lack of interest and participation from female volunteers. With no female volunteers/staff on board at present, not many parents are comfortable sending their daughters for outstation tournaments. This in turn, restricts the growth of a girl child in the community.
  1. Governance & Reporting Standards:
  • They have a total staff of seven. Only two of the three trustees are actively involved in the operations of OSCAR. The rest of the staff members are either Coaches or Volunteers. Board Meetings are held quarterly.
  • Realizing the need to capture OSCAR’s success stories in a presentable manner, the team has initiated the task of collating and documenting data in a structured manner, which shall soon be shared with all its existing as well as potential institutional donors.                                     
  1. Scope of Improvement:
  • OSCAR’s main focus area is football. As all children do not like football, OSCAR could consider expanding its scope to one more sport i.e., cricket. This may help increase its reach.
  • Reach out to girls schools and colleges, to identify the right set of female volunteers for its program. This will address OSCAR’s challenge of inducting female volunteers.

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