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Dated : 09 Oct 2013 Latest Analysis
  1. Sector and Positioning:

For the past 17 years, Amcha Ghar (AG) has dedicated itself to providing a Home to vulnerable destitute girls (orphans, those with single parents, children of commercial sex workers). The girls are given residential accommodation and their emotional, psychological and entertainment needs are looked after. The aim is to provide English Medium education, vocational skills and support till they integrate into the mainstream of society. AG has space for a limited number of girls (25) and this allows the girls to have a loving and caring family atmosphere. AG has also extended its backing to older girls who earn to support themselves and complete their higher education, by providing an extension home at Bhayander (9km away from the home).

Amcha Ghar School was established around ten years back to provide formal English medium education for younger beneficiaries of the Home as well as children of local fisher folk families. The school has around 400 students and charges basic minimum fees from their students with an intention to provide inexpensive and accessible education to economically weaker strata of society.

  1. Financial Parameters:
  • Major source of income in FY12 was through individual donations and contributions from beneficiaries (mainly school fees) which account for 63% and 36% respectively of the total income. As against this, the sector average for education focused NGOs are 46% and 11% respectively
  • Education being the focus area, major chunk of expenses are incurred on staff cost (~31%) and overheads (~36%)
  • Direct program expenses account to 58% of the total expenses (sector average: 75%) whereas the balance pertains to indirect expenses. The indirect expenses are high as compared to sector average on account of high maintenance cost
  • Corpus fund has shown an increase of about 8x in FY12 as compared to FY11. This increase can be attributed to the low base in FY11. However, it continues to remain relatively a small NGO with a corpus size of about Rs0.4mn.











  1. Sustainability Parameters:
  • Self-sufficiency ratio for FY12 stands at 1.1x (ratio measures how much of expenses can be met from own income – individual donations/corpus income/fee income) which is in line with the industry average
  • Regular but small contributions from organizations such as Smile Foundation, Global Education Trust, and Educate the Children among others
  • Owns about three acres of land at Murbad where they intend to undertake income generating activities in the long run
  • Future plan is to provide healthcare and shelter to the deprived and needy aged, which differs from its existing area of focus. Deviation from main line of activity may lead to difficulties in raising funds as they lack the necessary experience and expertise in the concerned sector
  1. Major Challenges:
  • Inadequate funds to meet actual expenses towards infrastructure, running costs of the school and for its future expansion plans
  • Insufficient human resources at school for providing extra coaching to the girls is forcing AG to approach private tutors at a high cost which raises their overall cost for educating their girls  
  1. Governance & Reporting Standards:

The governing body of AG consists of seven members who meet at least once every four months, with additional meetings as necessary to plan and discuss developments. Internal evaluation by management and External evaluation by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is done from time to time. Staff meetings are held at the end of every month. The girls’ parents and relatives visit once a month to evaluate the girls (education, health, etc) and to discuss future plans and eventual rehabilitation.

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