Sahaara Charitable Society
SECTOR: Children
SUB SECTOR: Home/Transit Home
% Spent on beneficiaries
Financial Score:
Age: 25 Years
Tax Benefit: 50%
Foreign donations:
Location(s): Work in progress.
Issues Addressed:
Work in progress.
Supported by:
Work in progress.
Key Trustees:
Mr. K. X. Selvan, Chairman Mr. Kumaresh Pekayare, Hon. Secretary
Mr. Steven Abraham, Hon. Treasurer Mr. Arthur Thangiah, Member
Mr. Santosh Johny, Member Mr. Naren Thapa, Member
Mr. Karan Thomas, Member Mr. Rajesh Mathew, Member
Mr. Stanley Mehta, Member Mr. V. J. Joseph, Member
Mr. B. J. Alexander, Member Ms. Shoba John, Member
Sector Comparison:
Beneficiary Spend:
Average: 79.0% Highest: 98.2% Lowest: 26.1%
Average: Rs9 cr Highest: Rs237 cr Lowest: Rs1 lac
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Sahaara Charitable Society (SCS) was established in 1994. The project started with work among the street children at Churchgate station in Mumbai. SCS also found that most of those who migrate to the city are forced to live in slums, do demeaning work, and live the faceless life of those whom society has ignored. SCS exists to serve and equip these marginalised people. The vision is Gifting Dreams and this slogan and trademark informs all they do today.

At present, the organisation has 57 full time staff as well as volunteers and consultants under the leadership of Mr. Max Fernand.

Project Pragati: The organization reaches out to children in four Children’s/Observation Homes (a home for Juvenile prisoners and children in need of care and protection) through remedial education, computer skills training and tracking.

Project Azad: SCS reaches out to prisoners in five prisons through various in-prison activities such as legal assistance, value education, computer skills training, pre-primary education, medical camps and counselling. They run half-way homes for male and female ex-prisoners. 

Project Pratham: This project attempts to break the cycle of poverty by providing childhood education, supplementary education, nutrition and care to vulnerable and needy children.

Project Parivartan: SCS runs two drop-in centres for commercial sex workers (CSWs) to help them choose freedom from slavery and embrace an alternate lifestyle and livelihood through vocational training, community support groups, and counselling.

Project Prakash: SCS serves visually challenged persons in various parts of the city and at hostels for the blind.

Mahima Home: SCS runs a home for vulnerable, at-risk boys, who are encouraged to grow holistically within a family environment. Alongside basic needs, the boys are educated at English medium schools and colleges and actively participate in extra-curricular activities.

Anandalay Home: SCS runs a home for vulnerable girl children so that they can grow holistically within a family environment and become positive contributors to society. The girls are educated at English medium schools and actively participate in extra-curricular activities.

Their current office address: Ground Floor, Gauri Shankar Building, Plot No. 50-A, Pestom Sagar, Road No. 2, Chembur, Mumbai- 400089.

2 cr
2 cr
Source : Audit Report 2015