Jabala Action Research Organisation
SUB SECTOR: Empowerment
% Spent on beneficiaries
Financial Score:
Age: 26 Years
Tax Benefit: 50%
Foreign donations:
Location(s): Work in progress.
Issues Addressed:
Work in progress.
Supported by:
Work in progress.
Key Trustees:
Mr. Ananda Basu, President Ms. Baitali Ganguly, Secretary
Ms. Koel Banerjee, Asst. Secretary Ms. Sagarika Choudhury, Treasurer
Mr. Srijato Bandyapadhyay, Member Ms. Susmita Mukherjee, Member
Ms. Samita Mukherjee, Member Ms. Aditi Sircar, Member
Sector Comparison:
Beneficiary Spend:
Average: 83.5% Highest: 98.7% Lowest: 52.8%
Average: Rs2 cr Highest: Rs10 cr Lowest: Rs1 lac
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Jabala Action Research Organization (Jabala) works with underprivileged women and children on issues including sexual abuse, trafficking, and migration. Jabala was started to address the needs of children of sex workers, but has now grown to include prevention of trafficking from the source districts of Murshidabad, North and South 24 Parganas and other districts of North Bengal. They undertake restoration and rehabilitation of girls rescued from cities across the country.

A summary of their activities:

  • Satyakam: Seeks to empower children in difficult situations by catering to their needs including Education, Health, Cultural Therapy, Counseling, Games, and Work readiness and preparing a safe and abuse free environment for them.
  • Sabla Program: The Sabla scheme aims to empower adolescent girls aged 11-18 by improving their nutritional and health status, upgrading their home, life, and vocational skills. The girls are given information on health and family welfare, hygiene and guided on the use of existing public services.
  • Swadhar Shelter Home: This shelter provides relief and rehabilitation to women in difficult circumstances including widows, trafficked girls, former female prisoners without family support etc. Swadhar also provides food and shelter, medical treatment, education, counselling, economic rehabilitation, and trauma management.
  • Football for freedom: Football for Freedom is an initiative that seeks to empower adolescent girls and promote gender equity by using football as a tool to prevent gender violence. This initiative works with adolescent girls to teach them new skills, engage in positive relationships & receive public recognition by providing them with information on gender & social equity enhancing opportunities, continuing education, prevention of child marriages, etc. Football for Freedom also works to forge effective partnerships between panchayats, schools, the government, and civil society in order to further their objective.
1 cr
1 cr
Source : Audit Report 2015