Dakshin Charaikheya United Club
SECTOR: Development
SUB SECTOR: Community Development
% Spent on beneficiaries
Financial Score:
Age: 26 Years
Tax Benefit: 50%
Foreign donations:
Location(s): Work in progress.
Issues Addressed:
Work in progress.
Supported by:
Work in progress.
Key Trustees:
Mr. Asit Giri, President Ms. Sakuntala Sen, Vice-President
Mr. Bijan Pusti, Secretary Ms. Sangita Roy, Assistant Secretary
Mr. Suprakash Sahoo, Treasurear Mr. Balaram Das, Member
Ms. Renuka Dalai, Member Mr. Swapan Jana, Member
Mr. Gautam Jana, Member
Sector Comparison:
Beneficiary Spend:
Average: 83.6% Highest: 100.0% Lowest: 9.5%
Average: Rs86 lac Highest: Rs9 cr Lowest: Rs45,032
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Dakshin Charaikheya United Club (DCUC) was established with a focus on sustainable development for the rural poor of the Purba Medinpur district of West Bengal.

Some of their 2013-14 activities were as follows:

  • Artistic Mat Making for Women: This project empowered women to make use of local natural resources as an alternative livelihood option. Benefits of this project included skills training and the promotion of economic development among poor, rural women.
  • Income Generating Innovative Rural Technology for Women: DCUC taught 250 women how to cultivate Air-Breathing Fish in bamboo cages as a sustainable source of livelihood to help improve their income generation prospects. They also provided training to 100 farmers in fishery, and provided training in diversified bamboo products.
  • Women and Child Welfare: DCUC ran a crèche to provide nutritional support and pre-school education to children of working women. 100 women Self-Help Groups with 1,140 rural members were organised in connection with United Bank of India and other organisations for micro-credit. Vocational training for women was provided in zari & patch work, tailoring, and vermin compost or organic manure.
  • Awareness Programmes: Awareness Camps were conducted on AIDS prevention, welfare of the disabled, road safety, sanitation, child labour, environment, consumer protection, micro-finance & women empowerment, and anti-trafficking of women & children.
  • Health Related Programme: Qualified personnel provided homeopathic treatment to over 500 rural youth and women. Health check-ups were conducted to identify and treat patients undergoing drug abuse.
  • Rural Library: The organisation ran a rural library, offering 11,700 books to over 300 members. It also has a pre-examination coaching centre for poor, deserving students.
  • Programme for Biodiversity: DCUC conducted awareness camps to educate villagers on botanical biodiversity and the cultivation of medicinal plants. They provided 3,000 samplings of sustainable plants. The organisation conducts training on soil health management, technology, diversification, and contract farming. DCUC organised an exhibition to share information regarding planting techniques. 250 farmers participated.
  • Youth Welfare Programme: Vocational training was offered in computer basics, music and arts. DCUC also provided a playground for athletic sports and a gymnasium with coaching facilities.
20 lac
21 lac
Source : Audit Report 2015