Amici di Raoul Follereau (AIFO)
SECTOR: Health
UN Sustainable Development Goal:
Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being
Goal 4: Quality Education
% Spent on beneficiaries
Financial Score:
Age: 24 Years
Tax Benefit: 50%
Foreign donations:
Location(s): Work in progress.
Issues Addressed:
Work in progress.
Supported by:
Work in progress.
Key Trustees:
Dr. Daisy Kandathil, Chairperson
Mr. Alphine Joseph, Vice Chairperson
Dr. M.V. Jose, Secretary
Dr. T.V. Srinivasan, Member
Dr. J. Alexander, Member
Dr. Nagendra Prasad, Member
Sector Comparison:
Beneficiary Spend:
Average: 79.6% Highest: 99.9% Lowest: 28.7%
Average: Rs6 cr Highest: Rs115 cr Lowest: Rs1 lac
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Amici di Raoul Follereau (AIFO) is an Italian non-governmental organisation working with a vision to enable opportunities for persons affected by leprosy, persons with disability, women & children and members from vulnerable and marginalized communities to lead a better quality of life. AIFO is a founding member of the Association of International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Association (ILEP). Since inception, AIFO has directly impacted the lives of more than 1,50,000 beneficiaries through its 17 partners, spread over 10 states.

Main activities include:

  • Leprosy related activities: AIFO works towards restoring health, hope and dignity for people affected by Leprosy and other allied diseases. It operates under the National Leprosy Eradication Programme (centrally sponsored health scheme by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare). Along with other partners, AIFO supports integrated, sustainable, quality leprosy services to all affected. Reconstructive surgery is an important part of alleviating the challenges of leprosy as the disease often renders its victims incapacitated owing to nerve damage. AIFO assists leprosy patients in undergoing the surgery which can help correct leprosy deformities in hands and feet, nose reconstruction and saving eyesight for people who can no longer open and close their eyes. It also increases the patient’s chances of social acceptance in the community, helps them to perform daily tasks and earn a livelihood.
  • Community based Inclusive development (CBR) program: AIFO’s CBR programs include education and livelihood initiatives for persons suffering from leprosy and related disability. It provides support to disabled persons’ organizations and self-help groups comprising persons from marginalized backgrounds, particularly women. During the year, over 5,000 visually impaired persons were supported through provision of treatment, counselling and access to opportunity. 8,499 persons with hearing and speech impairments received support and 1,663 persons with mental illness received access to medical care.
  • Training Healthcare Workers: AIFO works upskilling and training local government health care workers, doctors, local medical practitioners like nurses and health care staff working for non-governmental organisations. It ensures that  new cases of leprosy are correctly diagnosed , treatment regimens are fully developed and executed for persons suffering from leprosy and related disability.
3 cr
3 cr
Source : Audit Report 2015
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