Karnataka Hemophilia Society
SECTOR: Health
SUB SECTOR: Medical services
% Spent on beneficiaries
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Age: 32 Years
Tax Benefit: 50%
Foreign donations:
Location(s): Work in progress.
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Work in progress.
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Work in progress.
Key Trustees:
Dr. Balasubrahmanyam, Patron in Chief Ms. Kiruvadi Girijamma, President
Dr. Nanda Kishore Alva, Vice President Dr. B. T. Achutha, Vice President
Dr. A. M. Kotreshwara, Vice President Mr. Zabiulla Sabi, Member
Dr. M. T. Devendrappa, Member Mr. Girish Karanth, Member
Ms. Vijaya Havali, Member Mr. Eshwar Talwar, Member
Mr. K. Basavaraj, Member Mr. S. Gururaj, Member
Ms. Meera Hanagavadi, President Mr. Shravana Kumar, President
Sector Comparison:
Beneficiary Spend:
Average: 79.6% Highest: 99.9% Lowest: 28.7%
Average: Rs6 cr Highest: Rs115 cr Lowest: Rs1 lac
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Karnataka Hemophilia Society (KHS) has been working for the welfare of People with Hemophilia (PwH) and related bleeding disorders in Karnataka since 1989. KHS's mission is to strive to improve the health and quality of life for all people with inherited bleeding disorders by providing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services at an affordable cost or free in the case of poor families. Hemophilia is a collection of genetic disorders that reduce the body's ability to clot blood. Their vision is to see hemophilia without disability, and children free of pain.

Some of their services are as follows:

  • Diagnostics: "Basic Coagulation Laboratory" facility is available at KHS. Identification of deficient factor (Factor VIII or IX or others) by Mixing studies, specific factor assay, screening for inhibitors & their quantification & routine hematology are available for PwH & other bleeding disorders. The cost for the lab workup is subsidized, varying from Rs600 - Rs1,000 & free of cost for poor patients.
  • Treatment:  Anti Hemophilic Factor (AHF) replacement therapy at every instance of bleeding is crucial in the prevention of complications like disability, transmission of blood borne infections (HIV, HBV, etc.) & psycho social problems. Providing AHF to treat bleeds at subsidized cost & free to very poor families is main/primary objective of KHS & is the greatest challenge for KHS.
  • Life Line Blood Bank Services: KHS provides Blood Transfusion Services to patients admitted in various Nursing Homes in & around Davangere through its "Life Line Blood Bank". Youth from various colleges/Voluntary Organizations and the public are motivated, and hence promote Voluntary Blood Donation which is a safer transfusion service.
  • Rehabilitation Camps: Camps are the main part of KHS activities to rehabilitate & bring changes. As they do every year, this year too they organized 2 Camps of 3 days for 25 Children with Hemophilia (CwH) along with their Mothers, & 2 Youth Camps of 5 days for 40 Youth with Hemophilia (YwH).
  • Twinning Program: KHS Treatment Centre is twinned with Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, USA (3 years) & Alder Hey Children Hospital, Liverpool, UK (4 years). This program provided an opportunity to exchange academic knowledge & expertise in the management of Hemophilia. 
31 lac
33 lac
Source : Audit Report 2015