Amar Seva Sangam
Rehabilitation - Physical Disability
Estd: 1981
Used for Beneficiaries: 82% *
Address : 7/4/104 B,New No-10/2/163,Sulochana Gardens,Tenkasi Road,Ayikudy 627852. Tamil Nadu
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Telephone : +91 4633 267160; +91 4633 267170; +91 4633 267317; +91 4633 267449
Donor Contact : Mr. S. Sankara Raman / +91 9944454170; +91 9994385170 /
Financial Score
Rs, Y/E March 31
Income & Expenditure Statement201620172018
Income From
Government Sources1,192,6501,472,192121,920
Institutional Sources6,960,998256,538233,169
Foreign Sources19,376,33114,831,91533,225,000
Other Income198,8197,610,0001,990
Total Income (A)71,204,55280,120,47784,876,762
Expenses For
Direct Programme Activities20,552,98723,279,83025,852,139
Programme Staff Cost26,081,41130,992,03233,858,975
Travel Expenses266,228728,85192,126
Direct Programme Expenses46,900,62655,000,71359,803,240
Fund Raising Expenses1,067,7861,485,777602,156
General Staff Cost4,600,6503,379,9802,781,528
Overhead Expenses6,328,1166,165,3755,137,018
Other Expenses/Transfer3,395,7764,513,0325,000,000
Total Expenditure (B)70,398,88880,025,35883,887,207
Surplus / (Deficit) (A-B)805,66495,119989,555
Balance Sheet201620172018
Fixed Assets77,799,52692,642,168129,635,351
Current Assets (excl. Cash)10,796,94810,686,09110,829,136
Cash/Bank 5,704,6365,909,9495,453,110
Accumulated Deficits4,876,2194,781,0993,791,545
Total Assets219,517,932241,834,200292,072,913
Corpus / Share Capital178,089,744192,596,992219,975,030
General Funds654,317654,317654,317
Earmarked Funds32,635,34441,694,80657,553,644
Current Liabilities8,138,5276,888,08513,889,922
Total Liabilities219,517,932241,834,200292,072,913
Other Details201620172018
Direct Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.36,691N.A.
Indirect Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Cost Per Direct Beneficiary (Rs)N.A.1,923N.A.
Number of StaffN.A.238N.A.
Highest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Lowest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Note: * Adjusted. Depreciation is more than 10% of total expenses and is excluded while calculating the proportion of expenses 'Used for Beneficiaries'
Regd. under : The Societies Registration Act, 1860
Auditor : M. Srinivasan & Associates
Bankers : ICICI Bank Indian Overseas Bank State Bank Of India Canara Bank

Donor tax benefits : 80G 50%
Eligible for foreign donations : Yes

Trustees/Directors/Managing Committee:
Mr. S. Ramakrishnan, President Mr. M. R. Srinivasan, Vice President
Mr. S. Sankara Raman, Hon. Secretary Mr. V Ganesan, Joint Secretary
Mr. S. Pattammal, Treasurer Mr. K. Chidambaram, Member
Mr. Shri T Prakash, Member P.S.Kasturi Rangan, Member
S. Padmavathy, Member

Source : Audit Report 2018

Financial Note : 1) Sales/Fees include fees from school, nursery, computer education, etc. and also collections from catttle, canteen, trainings, etc. 2) Other Income increased due to Corpus Reversal in FY17. 3) Direct Programme Activities include overheads like printing & stationery, electricity, repairs & maintenance pertaining to the programmes. 4) Fund Raising Expenses include public communication expenses and promotion/advertisement expenses for various courses and trainings. 5) Other Expenses/Transfers comprise Reserve for Master Infrastructure Development Plan for Disability Management.

NGO Profile :
Amar Seva Sangams aim is to empower disabled citizens. For this, it has established a Valley for the Disabled as a Rehabilitation and Development Centre for the region. They also develop models for self-help initiatives by integrating disabled individuals with society for improved living conditions in the village. ASS is committed to physically challenged people by empowering them to have an equal participation in society.


Programs of Amar Seva Sangam:

  1. Institution-based rehabilitation & Education: Physically challenged children from the age of 5-17 are provided with free shelter, food and medical aid at the NGO’s Home; and receive proper special education, physiotherapy and speech therapy at the Sangamam School for Special Children and the Higher Secondary School. The Early Intervention Center aims to minimize disability as early as possible in children up to the age of 5. There is a special sensory integration room where the children are trained for sensory stimulation for hearing, seeing, feeling and tasting. Adaptive equipment such as walkers and posture training chairs are used too. They are also coached to carry out daily living activities, self-care and basic reading & writing. 
  2. Medical: Amar Seva’s Orthotics Center manufactures and repairs mobility aiding appliances like calipers, crutches and wheelchairs for the physically challenged. The Medical Evaluation Unit is enabled for rehabilitation activities like physiotherapy and awareness programs; and has electro therapy appliances containing advanced features for treating pain conditions of the back and neck. Spinal Cord Injured Post-Acute Care Center takes care of post-surgery needs of people with severely injured spinal cords, via physiotherapy, yoga, meditation.
  3. Village Based Rehabilitation Initiative:  During the rehabilitation process, they sensitize the community, families and differently abled persons about disabilities, and organize self-help groups and comprehensive rehabilitation activities like advocacy, livelihood assistance and implementation of government schemes. VBRI caters to needs of 14,000 disabled persons in 800 villages.
  4. Vocational Training and Employment Generation: Disabled Youth Trainee Students Hostel helps individuals in different disciplines get gainful employment to suit their physical abilities in areas like tailoring, handicrafts, toy making, note-book making, typewriting, advanced computer training, mobile phone servicing. Amar Foundation helps trainees from Amar Seva with employment generation.