SECTOR: Health
% Spent on beneficiaries
Financial Score:
Age: 23 Years
Tax Benefit: 50%
Foreign donations:
Location(s): Delhi, Punjab
Issues Addressed:
Enable cancer patients and their families to make informed decisions; Provide palliative and supportive care services to cancer patients and their families
Supported by:
Boeing International Corporation; Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.; Volkart Foundation; Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.; Max India Foundation; KPMG; CIPLA Foundation; HelpAge India
Key Trustees:
Harmala Gupta; Arun Maira
Sector Comparison:
Beneficiary Spend:
Average: 79.6% Highest: 99.9% Lowest: 28.7%
Average: Rs6 cr Highest: Rs115 cr Lowest: Rs1 lac
How much to donate
  • Rs1,000 for home care visit of doctor, nurse & counselor.
  • Rs7,000 sponsors medical and nutritional day care for 50 children.
See our recommended NGOs
Home-based Free Palliative Cancer Care
  • Founded by a cancer survivor, CanSupport provides a wide-range of free services to help destitute cancer patients throughout their cancer journey; right from diagnosis, curative therapies, to bereavement and rehabilitative support to the families of cancer patients.
  • Programs: 1) Home Care: Pain and symptom management, supportive nursing, psychological & spiritual care. 2) Outpatient Care: Early intervention of palliative care, enabling improved patient outcomes and continuity of care. 3) Day Care: Creative and educational activities, nutritional supplements and age-appropriate emotional support. 4) Telephone Helpline: Confidential service to overcome the barrier of physical distance and empathetically & practically support the caller. 5) Training: Workshops; Certificate courses in palliative care, palliative medicine, nursing and counseling.
  • Outcome: CanSupport has 29 teams (comprising of doctors, nurses, and counselors) who provided concurrent care to 2,200 patients during FY17. They plan to increase this to 32 teams reaching out to 2,400 patients in FY18. Each home care visit (34,000 visits in FY17) costs Rs1,000 but is offered for free. Beneficiary satisfaction with care was recorded at 93% (based on 22,098 feedback calls made after home visits).
6 cr
6 cr
Source : Audit Report 2018