Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM)
Estd: 1989
Used for Beneficiaries: 92%
Address : At: Parulia, P.O.: Asti, Via: Baliapal, Balasore 756026. Orissa
Email :
Web-site :
Telephone : +91 6781 253424
Donor Contact : Mr. Rajendra Rana / +91 9040127260 /
Financial Score
Rs, Y/E March 31
Income & Expenditure Statement201320142015
Income From
Government Sources16,977,77525,838,72015,153,731
Institutional Sources12,134498,672311,772
Foreign Sources1,244,4762,972,40017,722,572
Other Income28,1491,384,7202,088,306
Total Income (A)26,688,80148,990,98446,737,365
Expenses For
Direct Programme Activities18,878,61741,089,26038,388,190
Programme Staff Cost5,388,0905,484,7705,766,700
Travel Expenses417,233292,256247,267
Direct Programme Expenses24,683,94046,866,28644,402,157
Fund Raising Expenses000
General Staff Cost000
Overhead Expenses299,172949,2842,813,871
Other Expenses/Transfer8,000616,152153,296
Total Expenditure (B)25,833,86849,268,45448,149,388
Surplus / (Deficit) (A-B)854,933-277,470-1,412,023
Balance Sheet201320142015
Fixed Assets6,274,8726,601,6415,882,168
Current Assets (excl. Cash)2,605,91410,288,18217,144,802
Cash/Bank 1,255,3325,355,8442,519,990
Accumulated Deficits00125,517
Total Assets10,136,11822,245,66625,672,476
Corpus / Share Capital141,996142,583143,195
General Funds1,563,9761,286,5060
Earmarked Funds5,727,0459,846,1226,941,868
Current Liabilities1,301,2507,792,79815,984,583
Total Liabilities10,136,11822,245,66625,672,476
Other Details201320142015
Direct Beneficiaries (Nos)5,7236,4016,894
Indirect Beneficiaries (Nos)14,00024,00024,500
Cost Per Direct Beneficiary (Rs) - Actual4,5147,6966,984
Number of Staff746965
Highest Salary (Rs p.a.)302,400288,000288,000
Lowest Salary (Rs p.a.)24,00036,00036,000
Regd. under : The Societies Registration Act, 1860
Auditor : Sanjeeb K. Mohanty
Bankers : UCO Bank

Donor tax benefits : 35AC 100%, 80G 50%
Eligible for foreign donations : Yes

Trustees/Directors/Managing Committee:
Ms. Sumati Raj, Chairperson Mr. Rajendra Pradhan, Vice Chairperson
Mr. Rajendra K. Rana, Co-ordinating Member Ms. Jayanti Giri, Treasurer
Mr. Jhadeswar Pradhan, Member Mr. Debasis Chaudhuri, Tribal Dev. Sec.
Ms. Sumati Ranga, Member

Source : Audit Report 2015

Financial Note : 1) Break-up of Incomes from Government, Institutional and Foreign sources have been taken based on information given by the NGO. 2) Sales/Fees mainly include Farmers' Contribution (Rs108 lakhs in FY15 and Rs177 lakhs in FY14). 3) Other income mainly includes reimbursement of expenses. 4) We have taken breakup of expenses as provided by the NGO which reconciles with its Audited Accounts.

NGO Profile :
Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM) was established to find alternative strategies of rural social intervention and facilitating the NGO movement in the state of Orissa.

Their activities include:

  • NABARD Pilot Project: The goal of the project is to maximize the income of poor farmers by optimizing production levels, creating awareness, and transferring low cost technology. It promotes organic farming, bio-fertilizers, and mechanization, for optimizing profits. In FY15, there was a 34% increase in land productivity and 48% decrease in the cost of production.
  • Economic Rehabilitation Programme: This programme is supported by the ACA Best Seller Fund-Denmark, CASA-Kolkata, and Connect India to rehabilitate homeless families in Baliapal block and construct low cost houses for their economic rehabilitation. So far, 134 low cost disaster proof houses have been constructed for the homeless poor who have lost their houses in natural calamities. ARM also distributed goats, fishing nets, tailoring accessories, etc. for promoting livelihood.
  • Seed Village Programme: The seed cluster programme is supported by the NABARD Pilot Project which looks into the deficit in supply of good quality seeds in Balasore district. Various precautions are taken to procure good quality seeds locally, low cost technology for increase in productivity, and the farmers are trained in different farming techniques. So far, the production per acre has increased by 25%.
  • Child Empowerment: To support neglected rural children, ARM runs Adarsha Vidya Mandir Model School, in coordination with Action Children Aid-Denmark. The children are provided nutritious meals. The NGO, along with the Consulate of Japan in Kolkata, sponsored construction of a school building for children of the poor communities. ARM works with Child India Foundation to help children between 5 to 16 years of age to avoid child labour, torture, and social disparity.
  • Primary Health Centre (PHC)/PPP: ARM has been providing quality health care for 7 years with active public support and financial support from National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Government of Odisha. 
  • Childline: A 24-hour child helpline service was started for children at risk, missing, or in need of care and protection. This is supported by Child India Foundation and Government of India.
  • Employment Programme for women (STEP): Training was provided to 200 unemployed rural women on different varieties of bamboo handicrafts.

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