Kangra Art Promotion Society
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Dr. Akshai Runchal, President
Mr. Varun Rattan Singh, Secretary
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Average: Rs7 lac Highest: Rs7 lac Lowest: Rs7 lac
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Kangra Art Promotion Society (KAPS), was established with the objective of promoting and reviving the proud heritage and rich traditions of Kangra miniature paintings. In its eight years of existence, KAPS has trained about 20 artists at Citera School Of Art. It has set up exhibitions in Shimla, Dharamshala, London, Dublin, and Los Angeles. KAPS, in association with the State Council for Science and Technology, Himachal Pradesh, and Department of Language Art & Culture, has become the registry for Geographical Indicator for Kangra paintings.

Some of their activities in FY15 were as follows:

  • Workshop for students: 35 design students from Pune attended a day long workshop conducted by KAPS where the intricacies of making Kangra paintings were taught.
  • Exhibition at International Summer Festival: KAPS participated in the International Summer Festival held at Dharamshala where they got an opportunity to interact with local residents and tourists, and inform them about the dying art form of Kangra and the history associated with it. Art lovers got a platform to know details about various paintings made under the Kangra tradition.
  • Reopening of workshop at Kangra Art Museum: KAPS reopened its workshop cum learning centre at the district museum where students are taught the art of making miniature paintings. Tourists are also welcome to experience how the special paintings are made.
  • Cleanliness Drive: KAPS organized a campaign under the Swach Bharat Abhiyan at Divine Public School, Dharamshala. Around 40 students upto class six participated in this event.

In the years to follow, KAPS aims to establish training schools for Kangra paintings, give scholarships and awards to students for outstanding achievements in this field, and publish books, magazines, journals,  and other materials for promotion of this dying art form.

7 lac
6 lac
Source : Audit Report 2015