Estd: 2005
Used for Beneficiaries: 93%
Address : No. 108, 2nd Main, 6th Cross, 1st Block, Bengaluru 560034. Karnataka
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Web-site :
Telephone : +91 80 4098 3304
Donor Contact : Mr. Aravind Thunga / +91 80 4098 3304 /
Financial Score
Rs, Y/E March 31
Income & Expenditure Statement201420152016
Income From
Government Sources00173,481
Institutional Sources49,487,71201,161,370
Foreign Sources49,487,712105,086,241109,755,895
Other Income049,285299,984
Total Income (A)100,247,334106,147,718115,467,698
Expenses For
Direct Programme Activities48,826,267101,971,742104,951,647
Programme Staff Cost000
Travel Expenses000
Direct Programme Expenses48,826,267101,971,742104,951,647
Fund Raising Expenses000
General Staff Cost000
Overhead Expenses671,8173,309,4475,454,240
Other Expenses/Transfer000
Total Expenditure (B)50,203,022106,762,552112,642,708
Surplus / (Deficit) (A-B)50,044,312-614,8342,824,990
Balance Sheet201420152016
Fixed Assets1,221,7596,295,4914,415,513
Current Assets (excl. Cash)1,566,9192,965,0191,708,934
Cash/Bank 7,564,24630,655,41840,572,942
Accumulated Deficits000
Total Assets24,330,86149,006,32096,099,938
Corpus / Share Capital16,3646,482,2176,782,124
General Funds8,513,4387,898,60514,852,511
Earmarked Funds15,708,83934,280,42873,901,976
Current Liabilities92,220345,070563,327
Total Liabilities24,330,86149,006,32096,099,938
Other Details201420152016
Direct Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Indirect Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Cost Per Direct Beneficiary (Rs)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Number of StaffN.A.N.A.N.A.
Highest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Lowest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Regd. under : The Indian Trust Act, 1882
Auditor : Phillipos & Co.
Bankers : IDBI Bank

Donor tax benefits : 80G 50%
Eligible for foreign donations : Yes

Trustees/Directors/Managing Committee:
Mr. Aakash Sethi, Managing Trustee
Dr. Anuradha Prasad, Trustee
Mr. Arvind Lodaya, Trustee

Source : Audit Report 2016

Financial Note : 1) Income allocation in FY13 and FY15 has been done on the basis of information provided in Annual Report. 2) In FY13, Grants utilised have been included in Income & Expenditure, based on ICAI guidelines. As a result, the Income & Expenditure displayed are higher than those reported by the NGO. 3) In FY12, FY13 and FY14, the NGO has provided only one amount as expenditure on projects; no details were made available. In FY15, The NGO has provided overall amounts spent on various projects, but not a detailed breakdown.

NGO Profile :
QUEST ALLIANCE (Quality Education and Skills Training Alliance), Bangalore, works to help educators and educational institutions drive the use of technology in teaching and learning. It provides children & youth, age 10-30, a set of real-world skills along with opportunities to build confidence in a fun and engaging way that prepares them for work and life.

To make sure youth have the skills, both life- and work-related, to compete for jobs, QUEST pilots and transfers technologies which assist in educating vulnerable, out of school youth who have no formal vocational training programs and are unlikely to be reintegrated into the education system.

Their programs are:

  • Education: The Education Program focuses on creating enriching learning spaces and experiences for children to build essential skills. 2 lakh students in Samastipur learn under the Anandshala program which integrates with Sarva Sikshan Abhiyan at the state and district level, to ensure that every child stays, engages and learns in school. The organization’s Anandshala program was selected in the top 100 Best Practices in Education by Ministry of Rural Development.
  • Life Skills (MyQuest): MyQuest uses blending learning to deliver innovative materials and strategies that enhance life and work skills among youth. It develops facilitators and enables young people to find confidence and self-awareness, so that they connect with the right careers. Partnering with Microsoft's YouthSpark initiative, a computer science and programming toolkit for youth entering the workforce was developed. In partnership with Godrej, the MyCareer toolkit was developed that aims to help youth explore careers holistically to make informed decisions and develop critical life skills towards career development. 300 trainers enriched by the Myquest reached out to 17,000 youth.
  • Research and Innovations: Quest worked with Quickstand Studio to research mobile design and implementation of strategies and develop a blueprint for mobile learning adoption for facilitators/students. To enhance the mobile learning roadmap they have designed on-the-job learning for young adults. MasterCoach is a unique blended learning program for facilitators working with youth to give them professional edge in facilitation. So far, 50 MasterCoaches from 8 states have been trained.

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