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Seva Sadan Society

Sector: Education
Sub Sector: Girl Child
Tax Deduction: 50% u/s 80G of The Income Tax Act, 1961

% Spent on Beneficiaries

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Year of Establishment : 1908
Registered Address : 30/31 Pandita Ramabai Road, Gamdevi, Mumbai 400007, Maharashtra
Website :
Email :
Telephone : +91 22 23808005
Donor Contact : Ms. Krupa Sanghvi /
Registered Under : The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950
The Societies Registration Act, 1860
Auditor : Dalal Doctor & Associates
Bankers : Standard Chartered, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India
Trustees/Directors/Managing Committee: : Ms. Guddi M. Advani - President, Ms. Khurshed C. Pavri - Vice President, Ms. Meheru P. Panthaki - Hon. Secretary, Ms. Vaijayanti Gupte - Hon. Joint Secretary, Ms. Kashmira J. Dajee - Hon. Treasurer, Ms. Bina Bhoraskar - Hon. Joint Treasurer, Ms. Veena Damle - Member, Ms. Suman Kodial - Member, Ms. Hoofrish Irani - Member, Ms. Charu Vasa - Member, Ms. Neelam Bhandari - Member

Their programmes include the following:

  • Orphanage/Home:  The Home accommodates approximately 100 girls and women from the age group of eight to ninety years and provides them with free or low cost accommodation. It takes care of the emotional, social, educational, medical and nutritional needs of the girls and women to ensure healthy all-round development. Admission to the Home is given irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The activities undertaken by the Home include assigning jobs to inmates and providing remuneration, providing nutritious and well balanced meals, medical aid by reputed doctors of Jaslok Hospital, providing counselling, extra tutorials, yoga classes, and regular field trips.
  • Pre-Primary School:  The society runs two Marathi-medium schools at the Junior and Senior Kindergarten levels. English teaching and social and cultural activities are conducted every year for the children. In 2008, an English medium school was set up which has grown into a full-fledged primary school with three classes in 2011.
  • Primary School:  Their Primary School is a Marathi medium institution that caters to students from standard I to IV and is recognized by the local government authority, the Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika. The success of the Pre-Primary English medium classes resulted in the establishment of the first standard of their Primary School in 2011. Various activities such as judo classes, speech and drama classes, yoga classes and music and dance classes are conducted for the students. The School is equipped with a well-stocked library to encourage students to read. A nutritious meal is provided to the students and regular health checkups are conducted to ensure all round development. The total student strength is around 300.
  • High School:  The High School is aided by the Education Department of the Maharashtra Government. The School provides education only to girl children and has classes from standard V to X. The School is Marathi medium, but one division for each year is partly taught in English. Various activities such as sports, basic computer education, art and craft, career guidance etc. are conducted. The student strength is around 550.
  • Teachers Training College:  The College offers a two-year Government-recognized diploma in Primary School Teaching. It imparts education with practical training to girls.
  • Community involvement:  Seva Sadan conducts regular parent- teacher meetings, where parents are encouraged to take an active role in the education and overall growth of their children. Vocational training is offered to women, particularly to the mothers of the students to make them economically independent.
  • Vocational courses:  Vocational courses such as tailoring and embroidery, basic beauty and hair cutting course, mehendi course etc. are run under the guidance of qualified experts. An in-house training programme in Hospitality and Cookery is provided to the girls to enable them to get suitable job opportunities. Regular English conversational classes are held for the girls of the Home and School.
  • Self Sufficiency Projects:  ‘By The Way’ and ‘Aahaar’ are two restaurants run by the Society to promote the motto of self-sufficiency. Gift articles like artistic gift bags, notepads, wine bags etc. are made by the girls of the Home under the guidance of qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Other classes:  Vacation classes such as Gymnastics, Yoga, English conversation/Grooming, Crochet, Arts and Craft are conducted for ex-Seva Sadan students and the girls of the Home and School to provide educative, vocational and leisure activities to enable them to expand their horizons.
  • Star Scholar Program:  This programme enables high performers to achieve their academic dreams. Every year potential top performers are shortlisted and support is provided by way of extra guidance and coaching.
  • Various events such as Founders’ Day celebration, Sports Day, Fund Raising Programme etc. are undertaken.
FY 2019 (₹) FY 2020 (₹) FY 2021 (₹)
Government Sources 25,215,352 29,632,725 28,827,145
Foreign Sources - - -
Institutional Sources - - -
General Donations ₹12,734,955 ₹16,411,134 ₹9,296,882
Sales/Fees 12,553,852 14,066,932 4,324,584
Interest/Dividend 3,587,753 4,190,587 4,180,888
Other Income 218,429 625,183 888,020
Total Income (A) 54,310,341 64,926,561 47,517,519
Direct Program Activities 12,614,821 13,149,090 3,924,052
Program Staff Cost 31,765,396 37,385,536 34,470,603
Travel Expenses - - -
Direct Program Expenses 44,380,217 50,534,626 38,394,655
Fund Raising Expenses - - -
General Staff Cost 2,944,033 3,401,418 3,329,648
Overhead Expenses 1,093,198 1,609,426 1,108,877
Depreciation 1,006,717 1,106,086 734,707
Other Expenses/Transfers - - -
Total Expenditure (B) 49,424,165 56,651,556 43,567,887
Surplus / Deficit (A-B) 4,886,176 8,275,005 3,949,632
Fixed Assets 5,088,605 5,258,044 5,613,525
Current Assets 1,906,818 1,812,486 3,406,164
Cash And Bank 6,060,619 5,057,560 5,947,795
Total Current Assets 13,056,042 12,128,090 14,967,484
Investments 57,072,742 63,237,407 74,336,397
Accumulated Deficits - - -
Total Assets 70,128,784 75,365,497 89,303,881
Trust Corpus 17,101,691 18,567,192 19,683,192
General Funds 49,159,839 54,885,228 67,984,173
Earmarked Funds - - -
Unutilized Grants - - -
Total 66,261,530 73,452,420 87,667,365
Loans - - -
Loans (From Members) - - -
Current Liabilities 3,867,254 1,913,077 1,636,516
Other Liabilities - - -
Total Liabilities 70,128,784 75,365,497 89,303,881
FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
Beneficiary Details
Direct Beneficiaries (nos.) - - -
Indirect Beneficiaries (nos.) - - -
Average Cost per Direct Beneficiary (₹) - - -
Staff Details
No. of Staff - - -
Number of Consultants - - -
Number Of Volunteers - - -
Total - - -
Highest Paid Full-Time Staff (₹ p.a.) - - -
Lowest Paid Full-Time Staff (₹ p.a.) - - -
Services Funds Raised (₹)
CSR 1,171,974
Donation 1,000
Online Donation 10,500
Total Funds Raised 1,184,474
NGO Name Sector Sub Sector Location % Spent on Beneficiaries Income (₹) Expense (₹)
H M Charitable Trust Education Scholarships Maharashtra 100 1,488,546 1,478,865
K.C. Mahindra Education Trust Education Girl Child Maharashtra 98 614,759,638 549,054,075
Foundation For Excellence India Trust (FFEIT) Education Scholarships Karnataka 95 393,027,677 381,824,682
Seva Sadan Society Education Girl Child Maharashtra 88 47,517,519 43,567,887
Sevalaya Education School Tamil Nadu 86 178,739,786 163,404,057
Atma Education Trust Education Services Maharashtra 76 19,739,697 17,160,220

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