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National Association for the Blind (India) (NAB)

Sector: Disability
Sub Sector: Blind - Comprehensive
Tax Deduction: 50% u/s 80G of The Income Tax Act, 1961

UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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% Spent on Beneficiaries

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Year of Establishment : 1952
Registered Address : 11/12, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan Road, Worli Seaface, Mumbai 400030, Maharashtra
Presence : Maharashtra
Website :
Email :
Telephone : +91 022-24932539, 022-24935365, 022-2493 5370
Donor Contact : Mr. Umesh Deshpande / 9029104252 /
Registered Under : The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950
The Societies Registration Act, 1860
Auditor : Sorab S. Engineer & Co.
Bankers : Punjab National Bank, Central Bank of India, Bank of India, State Bank of India
Trustees/Directors/Managing Committee: : Mr. Hemant Takle, Mr. Ramakant Satam, Mr. Hari Shankar Singh, Dr. Vimal Kumar Dengla, Mr. Anand Athlekar

The National Association for the Blind (NAB) is dedicated to improving the lives of visually impaired individuals. Their comprehensive programs focus on education, rehabilitation, vocational training, and employment opportunities, aiming to empower the visually challenged and create an inclusive environment for their development and success. NAB works towards the prevention and cure of blindness, providing a range of vital services for the socioeconomic rehabilitation of visually impaired individuals nationwide.

Major Interventions:

Prevention of Blindness: NAB provides eye care services to people belonging to under privileged section of society. They initiated projects to detect and treat glaucoma, cataract and conjunctivitis and provide medication and spectacles to children living in the slums and those attending municipal schools. In collaboration with Reliance Industries, they initiated project “Drishti”, which carries cornea transplant surgeries. The department has organized multiple Eye Screening Camps at various places, post pandemic of COVID-19.

Vocational Training: The NGO started the NAB IDBI Polytechnic providing on the job advanced training in engineering and mass production techniques to visually challenged youth, also trained to operate plastic moulding machines, assemble various types of mechanical, electrical equipment and make office files. The NAB Department of Employment provides gainful occupation to visually impaired individuals through their placement in open employment or by offering them the support for self-employment.

Education: NAB provides school and college going blind children support services in the form of scholarships, free distribution of braille kits along with braillers and other assistive devices, volunteer reading services, science laboratories, aids and equipment, etc. NAB conducts home-based programme for Multi-disabled visually impaired (MDVI) children who, in addition to visual impairment may have mentally challenges, hearing impairment, autism, hyper activity, cerebral palsy etc. Itinerant teachers train these children in developmental areas like motor skills, communication, sensory skills, concept formation, activities of daily living, orientation and mobility, functional academics, pre-vocational skills, social skills, community-based instructions etc. It also has training centres for teachers of visually handicapped. Integrated Education is conducted by partnering with local voluntary organizations for visually challenged children where in the blind children residing with their families can attend the school nearest to them.

Braille Press and Talking Books: NAB Braille Press is one of the largest Braille production units in the country. Braille press also publishes general literature, fiction and non-fiction in five languages i.e. Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati and Sanskrit. A full-fledged centre for production and distribution of educational and recreational literature for the blind has been introduced, by establishing the Talking Book Studios and Library. The talking book centre records and supplies books in digital audio and is circulated in CDs, downloaded on the static devices of the Members or delivered online. Books of general interest like novels, classics, biographies, travelogues and short stories are also recorded. The Centre’s three acoustically designed Studios where recording is carried out in two shifts churn out books in English and Indian languages.

Rehabilitation: NAB also facilitates the rehabilitation, confidence building of the visually impaired, with training in courses such as general machine operation, candle making, physiotherapy, acupressure and massage etc. Intensive training is offered in basics of life, home management, Physical education, Braille and Social graces along with Orientation & Mobility which enables the visually impaired beneficiaries to rebuilt their lost confidence, discovering their own strengths and competences.

FY 2021 (₹) FY 2022 (₹) FY 2023 (₹)
Government Sources 3,573,210 10,128,593 4,540,497
Foreign Sources - - -
Institutional Sources - - -
General Donations 35,619,440 37,314,063 31,801,770
Sales/Fees 24,636,153 24,049,871 34,070,387
Interest/Dividend 10,677,926 12,437,446 9,735,961
Other Income - - 7,192,683
Total Income (A) 74,506,729 83,929,973 87,341,298
Direct Program Activities 64,939,598 76,758,410 81,168,904
Program Staff Cost 3,742,318 7,243,113 8,844,140
Travel Expenses 87,781 84,162 821,311
Direct Program Expenses 68,681,916 84,001,523 90,013,044
Fund Raising Expenses 2,000 - 1,350
General Staff Cost 106,834 88,860 -
Overhead Expenses 4,314,892 3,519,974 1,684,786
Depreciation 4,415,055 4,753,193 3,052,353
Other Expenses/Transfers 66,310 9,489,832 278,327
Total Expenditure (B) 77,674,788 101,937,544 95,851,171
Surplus / Deficit (A-B) -3,168,059 -18,007,571 -8,509,873
Fixed Assets 22,813,660 27,314,648 17,106,773
Current Assets 13,845,478 18,050,800 17,411,452
Cash And Bank 7,418,075 10,486,036 33,818,802
Total Current Assets 44,077,213 55,851,484 68,337,027
Investments 159,272,813 147,363,295 125,711,064
Accumulated Deficits 95,573,078 113,580,649 122,090,522
Total Assets 298,923,104 316,795,428 316,138,613
Trust Corpus 14,509,449 14,663,446 14,831,157
General Funds - - -
Earmarked Funds 279,650,114 297,350,145 296,438,518
Unutilized Grants - - -
Total 294,159,563 312,013,591 311,269,675
Loans - - -
Loans (From Members) - - -
Current Liabilities 4,763,541 4,781,837 4,868,938
Other Liabilities - - -
Total Liabilities 298,923,104 316,795,428 316,138,613
1) Transfers from Earmarked Funds to various projects have been included in General Donations.
2) Sales/Service Charges includes Basement Income, Rent receipts, admission/annual subscription fees, etc.
3) Other Expenses mainly include increase/decrease of stock of traded items and transfers from utilized income from the earmarked funds.
FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023
Beneficiary Details
Direct Beneficiaries (nos.) - - -
Indirect Beneficiaries (nos.) - - -
Average Cost per Direct Beneficiary (₹) - - -
Staff Details
No. of Staff 123 115 103
Number of Consultants 2 2 2
Number Of Volunteers - - -
Total 125 117 105
Highest Paid Full-Time Staff (₹ p.a.) 882,324 1,212,012 1,333,872
Lowest Paid Full-Time Staff (₹ p.a.) 123,480 169,800 191,892
Services Funds Raised (₹)
Donor Advisory 600,000
Online Donation 1,000
Total Funds Raised 611,000
NGO Name Sector Sub Sector Location % Spent on Beneficiaries Income (₹) Expense (₹)
National Association for the Blind (India) (NAB) Disability Blind - Comprehensive Maharashtra 95 87,341,298 95,851,171
Ashadeep Disability Mental Health Assam 93 15,085,229 14,812,193
Adarsh Charitable Trust Disability Compr - Mental/Phy Disability Kerala 84 20,344,781 25,880,909
Amar Seva Sangam Disability Rehabilitation - Physical Disability Tamil Nadu 80 166,555,712 148,525,716
Andhjan Kalyan Trust Disability Comprehensive - Multiple Gujarat 72 2,204,277 2,533,317
Diya Foundation Disability Vocational Training - Mental Disability Karnataka 70 7,443,000 6,420,000

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