S. M. Sehgal Foundation
Comprehensive Empowerment Estd: 1999
Used for Beneficiaries: 75% *
Address : Plot No.34, Sector 44, Institutional Area, Gurgaon 122003. Haryana
Email :
Web-site :
Telephone : +91 124 4744100
Donor Contact : Ms. Pooja O. Murada / +91 124 4744100 /
Financial Score
Rs, Y/E March 31
Income & Expenditure Statement201320142015
Income From
Government Sources000
Institutional Sources9,248,84015,435,73514,803,205
Foreign Sources54,399,000106,837,000142,042,000
Other Income959,196105,843247,802
Total Income (A)104,006,256161,927,232195,359,269
Expenses For
Direct Programme Activities79,850,80531,908,31544,776,253
Programme Staff Cost065,972,48771,794,047
Travel Expenses03,515,8594,190,540
Direct Programme Expenses79,850,805101,396,661120,760,840
Fund Raising Expenses0718,340888,909
General Staff Cost0669,171920,681
Overhead Expenses23,341,81634,458,64630,215,078
Other Expenses/Transfer563,211312,27976,125
Total Expenditure (B)137,159,040167,807,057181,371,556
Surplus / (Deficit) (A-B)-33,152,784-5,879,82513,987,713
Balance Sheet201320142015
Fixed Assets329,223,599317,975,375312,207,749
Current Assets (excl. Cash)4,840,4488,481,72611,386,617
Cash/Bank 6,659,3579,005,8489,304,920
Accumulated Deficits000
Total Assets368,067,856377,216,449395,108,120
Corpus / Share Capital1,0001,0001,000
General Funds337,083,667331,203,842345,191,556
Earmarked Funds17,476,71834,242,75728,765,587
Current Liabilities13,506,47111,768,85021,149,977
Total Liabilities368,067,856377,216,449395,108,120
Other Details201320142015
Direct Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Indirect Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Cost Per Direct Beneficiary (Rs)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Number of StaffN.A.N.A.N.A.
Highest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Lowest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Note: * Adjusted. Transfers to Reserves have been excluded from total expenses to calculate the proportion of expenses 'Used for Beneficiaries'
Regd. under : The Indian Trust Act, 1882
Auditor : Ashok Chhabra and Associates
Bankers : State Bank Of Travancore

Donor tax benefits : 80G 50%
Eligible for foreign donations : Yes

Trustees/Directors/Managing Committee:
Mr. Suri Sehgal, Founder Ms. Edda G. Sehgal, Co-Founder
Mr. Ganesan Balachander, Trustee Mr. Kamal Bawa, Trustee
Mr. Ben Sehgal, Trustee Mr. Rajat Jay Sehgal, Trustee
Mr. Suhas P. Wani, Trustee

Source : Audit Report 2015

Financial Note : 1) Grants received from Indian Sources have been considered as Institutional Income. 2) Around 85% of the income from Foreign Sources in the past five years is from the Sehgal Foundation (USA). 3) Rental income shown under Sales/Fees. 4) In FY13, the NGO has provided only one amount as expenditure on projects, but not a detailed breakdown. 5) Direct Programme Activities include overheads like rent, freight, and maintenance pertaining to programmes. 6) Business promotion expenses shown under Fund Raising Expenses. 7) Loss on sale of asset shown under Other Expenses/Transfers.

NGO Profile :
S. M. Sehgal Foundation (SMS Foundation) works for comprehensive rural development in the remote, semi-arid regions of Haryana and Rajasthan. The have reached nearly 500,000 people in over 464 villages so far and aim to reach over one million people by 2017.

Key activities in FY14:

  • Empowering Rural citizens: Through its rural governance program, SMS Foundation engages communities in improving poor conditions & inadequate public services. The Foundation’s team provides individual citizens and leaders of village level institutions with knowledge, skills & confidence to become informed, active participants in the development of their communities. The organization reached 403 villages (around 150,000 villagers), 22,971 villagers participated in solving local problems, they trained 218 villagers in health, sanitation & nutrition, and trained 126 at the panchayat level.
  • Water management: SMS Foundation partnered with communities in enhancing the availability and quality of water in rural areas. Around 80,015 villagers were trained in hygiene, sanitation & water conservation; 40 rainwater harvesting systems were installed in schools, ensuring water supply for drinking, cooking & sanitation. Sehgal Foundation also worked to improve the water availability in drought-hit villages, through rainwater harvesting and storage structures.
  • Enhancing Rural prosperity: SMS Foundation works with farmers to help them utilize better agricultural practices and emphasize the importance of actively engaging women in agriculture-related decision making. The organization reached around 107 villages, covering 31,667 farmers.
  • Replenishing groundwater: The Foundation helped villagers preserve and augment groundwater for future generations. It built 3 check dams, 8 wells were reconstructed, 11 soak pits & soak wells were constructed.
  • Increasing farm productivity: SMS Foundation promotes sustainable farming practices to increase productivity. The organization reached 12,616 farmers, around 2,764 farmers were trained, 3,201 demonstrations were shown on crop nutrients, 50 on animal nutrition and 270 soil samples were tested.
  • Strengthening Village level institutions: Sehgal Foundation builds capacities of village level institutions to become more responsive, accountable & transparent. 52 villages were covered, around 50,428 villagers reached, 1,389 villagers helped to avail government programs and 377 villagers were provided training.
  • Other initiatives include empowering women farmers to be decision makers and starting a community radio service ‘Alfaz-e-Mewat’ (Rural voices of Mewat).

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