Health Education Library for People - Community Health Research Programme Charitable Trust (HELP)
Awareness & Advocacy
Estd: 1997
Used for Beneficiaries: 65%
Address : HEALTH EDUCATION LIBRARY FOR PEOPLE Ashish, 5th Floor, Tardeo end of Bombay Central Bridge, Mumbai 400034. Maharashtra
Email :
Web-site :
Telephone : +91 22 65952393; +91 65952394
Donor Contact : Dr. Aniruddha Malpani / N.A /
Financial Score
Rs, Y/E March 31
Income & Expenditure Statement201220132014
Income From
Government Sources000
Institutional Sources000
Foreign Sources000
Other Income66,89859,2840
Total Income (A)1,712,6211,930,600677,724
Expenses For
Direct Programme Activities1,736,7361,139,616562,373
Programme Staff Cost364,831354,820324,914
Travel Expenses3,8543,4572,617
Direct Programme Expenses2,105,4211,497,893889,904
Fund Raising Expenses000
General Staff Cost000
Overhead Expenses280,505264,522452,247
Other Expenses/Transfer001
Total Expenditure (B)2,422,0931,794,8771,369,435
Surplus / (Deficit) (A-B)-709,472135,723-691,711
Balance Sheet201220132014
Fixed Assets116,82691,859106,952
Current Assets (excl. Cash)56,9309,10563,014
Cash/Bank 3,940,8464,772,4854,058,936
Accumulated Deficits1,607,5711,471,8482,163,559
Total Assets5,722,1736,345,2976,495,657
Corpus / Share Capital4,853,8665,516,3665,648,866
General Funds000
Earmarked Funds001
Current Liabilities790,307750,931796,791
Total Liabilities5,722,1736,345,2976,495,658
Other Details201220132014
Direct Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Indirect Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Cost Per Direct Beneficiary (Rs)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Number of StaffN.A.N.A.N.A.
Highest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Lowest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Regd. under : The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950
Auditor : Viren Gandhi & Co
Bankers : Dena Bank

Donor tax benefits : No Tax Benefit
Eligible for foreign donations : No

Trustees/Directors/Managing Committee:
Dr. Aniruddha N. Malpani, Trustee
Dr. Anjali A. Malpani, Trustee
Dr. Narayan K. Malpani, Trustee

Source : Audit Report 2014

Financial Note : 1) Sales & Service charges include Library Receipts, Annual membership fees and Sale of books/CDs. 2) Income from Sales and Services has fallen in FY14 as members were unaware that the library had shifted to a new premises. 3) The NGO operates a health library and on average about 50% of Direct Programme Expenses are on subscription fees for magazines (34% in FY14). Electricity charges also included in Direct Programme Activities. 4) Overheads are higher in FY14 as it includes transportation, loading and unloading costs for library shifting.

NGO Profile :
Health Education Library for People - Community Health Research Programme Charitable Trust (HELP) is the worlds largest free health library. HELP was established to help patients better understand their health and medical problems in order to get better care in partnership with their doctors. They collaborate with other organisations like the Indian Confederation for Healthcare Accreditation, Disease Management Association of India, Patient Safety Alliance and many more.

Their services are as follows:

  • Improved understanding of medical conditions, diagnosis, disease, or disability: HELP gives patients education on preventive measures, treatment options, tests, procedures and medications. They help patients locate the meaning of difficult medical conditions, locate trustworthy websites to use to monitor diseases and help access information related to cancer support groups and NGOs which assist cancer patients.
  • HELP Talks: HELP talks are free community seminars held daily at the HELP Library in Mumbai. Recordings are uploaded on their website, and the CDs are available at their library.
  • Ask  A Health Expert: The ‘Ask A Health Expert’ is a free online service that provides answers to health questions that people write in with.
  • Patient Education: HELP seeks out opportunities to share their professional expertise in providing understandable and credible consumer health information to the general public. They also present appropriate patient education materials and resources to healthcare providers. Their website also hosts material in multiple languages that can be downloaded for free.
  • Library Membership: HELP provides membership services to allow members to borrow material at nominal fees. This service is particularly useful for senior citizens researching their medical conditions who are unable to sit in their library for long periods.
  • Annual Conference: Their annual conference highlights issues and problems faced by patients in the country and discuss solutions to overcome them. HELP uses conferences and seminars to bring together people with shared values to create synergies for effective implementation of solutions.