India Foundation for the Arts
Arts & Culture
Estd: 1993
Used for Beneficiaries: 68%
Address : Apurva Ground Floor, No.259, 4th Cross, Raj Mahal Vilas, Second Stage, Second Block, Bengaluru 560094. Karnataka
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Web-site :
Telephone : +91 80 23414681
Donor Contact : Mr. T.C. Jnanashekar / +91 9886143332 /
Financial Score
Rs, Y/E March 31
Income & Expenditure Statement201120122013
Income From
Government Sources904,31000
Institutional Sources20,379,86220,443,24810,466,375
Foreign Sources000
Other Income68,4349,1234,537,322
Total Income (A)44,064,39343,952,83741,490,410
Expenses For
Direct Programme Activities27,101,71928,057,61319,098,572
Programme Staff Cost4,822,8406,676,0518,286,121
Travel Expenses2,496,4422,982,2142,862,474
Direct Programme Expenses34,421,00137,715,87830,247,167
Fund Raising Expenses3,415,3428,555,4963,548,286
General Staff Cost4,773,4255,731,9255,645,492
Overhead Expenses4,246,7784,538,1374,726,831
Other Expenses/Transfer12,545,03037,79932,018
Total Expenditure (B)59,401,57656,579,23544,199,794
Surplus / (Deficit) (A-B)-15,337,183-12,626,398-2,709,384
Balance Sheet201120122013
Fixed Assets27,335,55232,501,64440,270,366
Current Assets (excl. Cash)3,884,4295,536,1854,857,624
Cash/Bank 13,154,18412,434,4368,804,087
Accumulated Deficits2,127,69614,754,09417,468,478
Total Assets263,652,806267,275,907272,299,034
Corpus / Share Capital204,612,222206,780,147205,264,139
General Funds000
Earmarked Funds58,543,44756,072,68866,432,938
Current Liabilities497,1374,423,072601,957
Total Liabilities263,652,806267,275,907272,299,034
Other Details201120122013
Direct Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Indirect Beneficiaries (Nos)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Cost Per Direct Beneficiary (Rs)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Number of StaffN.A.N.A.N.A.
Highest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Lowest Salary (Rs p.a.)N.A.N.A.N.A.
Regd. under :
Auditor : Thakur, Vaidyanath Aiyar & Co
Bankers : HDFC Bank Ltd

Donor tax benefits : 80G 50%
Eligible for foreign donations : Yes

Trustees/Directors/Managing Committee:
Mr. Jaithirth Rao, Chairperson Ms. Bina Paul, Trustee
Mr. Chiranjiv Singh, Trustee Mr. Francis Wacziarg, Trustee
Ms. Githa Hariharan, Trustee Mr. Ishaat Hussain, Trustee
Mr. Jitish Kallat, Trustee Mr. Lalit Bhasin, Trustee
Mr. Piyush Pandey, Trustee Mr. Prakash Belawadi, Trustee
Ms. Priya Paul, Trustee Ms. Rathi Vinay Jha, Trustee
Mr. Ravi Nedungadi, Trustee Mr. Romi Khosla, Trustee
Mr. M.V. Subbiah, Trustee

Source : Audit Report 2013

NGO Profile :
India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) enhances the practice of Indian Arts and spreads knowledge to the general public by supporting innovative projects, commissioning research and creating public platforms.

IFA supports Indian Arts by:

  1. India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) enhances the practice of Indian Arts and spreads knowledge to the general public by supporting innovative projects, commissioning research and creating public platforms.
  • Extending Arts practice – it encourages critical and reflective arts practice by supporting individual artists and creating platforms for fostering dialogue and collaboration.

  • New Performance - To encourage reflective performance practices that extend beyond prevailing idioms and forms in performance by supporting individual artists and creating nurturing environments for debate, dialogue and collaboration.

  • Arts Research and Documentation – Provides support research in the arts that receives limited attention from the universities and the State and to encourage archives to develop as sites actively influencing discourse and creativity in the arts.

  • Arts Education - It enriches education through the arts by offering grants to and organizing workshops for school teachers and to strengthen advocacy for arts education by supporting research and seminars.

  • Curatorship - IFA builds capacity in the field of curation by activating critical pedagogies in the academy and, supporting arts institutions and museums to facilitate critical curatorial projects.

  • Special Grants - By making grants that address issues of sustainability in the arts, strengthen networks and support artists in adverse environments.

IFA organises:-

  • Festivals, seminars, conferences and presentations.

  • Workshops on themes of relevance to the arts.

  • Conversations between artists.

IFA Publishes –

  • ArtConnect, the biannual arts magazine.

  • A quarterly e-newsletter.

  • Studies, reports and manuals on various aspects of the arts.

IFA offer services –

  • Share information and expertise with artists and arts organisations.

  • Design and manage arts courses for educational institutions.

  • Develop and conduct arts workshops and events for corporations.

  • Produce evaluations, reports, directories and databases for foundations and cultural organisations.

Recent Events includes IFA at Goa, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Roadshow at Bangalore, and Storytelling special in Mumbai, named few.