Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS)
SECTOR: Animal Welfare
SUB SECTOR: All Animals
% Spent on beneficiaries
Financial Score:
Age: 18 Years
Tax Benefit: 50%
Foreign donations:
Location(s): Work in progress.
Issues Addressed:
Work in progress.
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Work in progress.
Key Trustees:
Ms. Renuka Rai, President Ms. Anuradha Ramaswami, Secretary
Ms. Poornima Balan, Treasurer Nilesh Bhanage, CEO & Executive Director
Ms. Goodicia Vaidya, Trustee Ms. Neeta Parwatey, Trustee
Ms. Anjali Ekbote, Trustee
Sector Comparison:
Beneficiary Spend:
Average: 77.8% Highest: 91.4% Lowest: 49.1%
Average: Rs2 cr Highest: Rs9 cr Lowest: Rs1 lac
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Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) was founded with a vision to help animal's in distress. 3 ambulances, a trained staff of 10 people and more than 100 volunteers contribute to PAWS in different ways. The Rescue Center located in Murbad, Thane treats small animals and allows them to recover. Till date, PAWS has rescued 25,319 animals.

Key activities include -

Rescue Center:A The Rescue Center has many facilities to help malnourished and injured animals and nurse them back to health with regularly served food, a vet, 24-hour care-takers and ambulances. The ambulance services respond to public calls to assist sick and injured stray animals.

Sterilizations and Vaccinations: PAWS catches stray dogs and cats from different cities in Thane district and sterilizes them at Murbad Rescue Center. PAW'S also vaccinates all sterilized animals against rabies. In FY16 1,825 strays were vaccinated against rabies.  PAWS is a representative of the ‘Animal Birth Control’ committee at the Municipal Corporation. All types of injured stray animals are treated, first aid camps arranged and lectures are held to teach first aid to students.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation: Rescue and Rehabilitation is one of the main activities of PAWS. Many species that are traded illegally have been rescued. Spiny-tailed lizards, Snakes, Mongoose, Monkeys, Tortoises and a variety of birds are rescued and rehabilitated. They also respond to cattle in distress. PAWS conducts camps in slums and villages for vaccination of Bullocks, Donkeys and Horses that are employed for labour.

Adoptions & Re-homing: Innumerable homeless and abandoned animals have been re-homed through the adoption scheme. Adoption is done only after rigorous interviews and a thorough verification. It is free of cost and a basic adoption kit is also provided.

Awareness Workshops and Seminars: PAWS uses various media platform to have interactive sessions to create awareness about Animal Welfare through educational programs, corporate and volunteer trainings and assisting management students in conducting projects on NGO's. They reached out to 1,078 people in FY16. PAWS members and Animal Welfare Officers investigate cruelty cases and rescue exploited animals and file police complaints to protect them.

27 lac
24 lac
Source : Audit Report 2016