Equity Foundation - A Forum for Women & Child
SUB SECTOR: Awareness & Advocacy
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Age: 18 Years
Tax Benefit: 50%
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Location(s): Work in progress.
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Work in progress.
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Work in progress.
Key Trustees:
Ms. Nina Srivastava, Executive Director Dr. Renu Ranjan, Chairman
Ms. Manju Srivastava, Finance Controller Ms. Madhurima Raj, Member
Ms. Rachna Sahaya, Member Ms. Rita Verma, Member
Ms. Tushima Sahay, Member
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Average: 83.5% Highest: 98.7% Lowest: 52.8%
Average: Rs2 cr Highest: Rs10 cr Lowest: Rs1 lac
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Equity Foundation A Forum for Women & Child was established by a group of women activists with the primary objective of empowering women and educating children. It provides knowledge through trainings that leads to expression and ultimately action by the community.

Some of their activities are:

  • Gender Development: The organisation applies innovative approaches to promote women’s economic empowerment, legal status, rights, inclusion and participation in decision making. Gender based initiatives such as community empowerment and local governance have established a rights-based approach for sustainable community development. They work to collectivize the members of the community to address gender violence, social poverty, enhance living conditions, and realize civil rights. A One stop crisis centre at Panchayat level acts as a dedicated location to facilitate effective handholding of women affected by violence and guide them to ‘Nirbhaya Centre’.
  • Panchayathi Raj: The organisation has developed an interactive forum which serves as a platform for women panchayat representatives to develop strategies to empower women. The main projects are with support of Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) on strengthening women's political participation in 4 villages of 1 Panchayat in Vaishali district and with Action Aid on Orientation for Women Elected Representatives & Gram Kutchehry (for capacity building) in 3 villages of 1 panchayat of Biddupur block.  
  • Education opportunities: Since 2012 Equity Foundation has been working with the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation on mainstreaming education programme in primary school clusters in Madhubani District. The goal is to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged (particularly SC) children in Bihar, with an emphasis on mainstreaming into the State's primary education system.
  • Other campaigns: The Foundation has launched a forum against sexual harassment named VISHAKA which engages with representatives from the government, media, civil society, trade unions, etc and focuses on the issue of gender discrimination at work.  It provides inputs to develop gender sensitization amongst employees and adopt gender equitable policies. It also launched a female foeticide campaign in rural Bihar and worked with CWS on a 2 year Advocacy based programme on female foeticide in Vaishali district of Bihar.
17 lac
17 lac
Source : Audit Report 2015