VAANI Deaf Children's Foundation
Deaf/Hearing Impaired
Estd: 2005
Used for Beneficiaries: 82%
Address : Flat No. 1, Shree Apartments 4G Tiljala Road, Kolkata 700046. West Bengal
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Telephone : +91 080 2545 7124
Donor Contact : Jovial / 9886677029 /
Rs, Y/E March 31
Income & Expenditure Statement201520162017
Income From
Government Sources000
Institutional Sources4,085,4857,723,60911,923,410
Foreign Sources2,229,1584,036,8775,365,067
Other Income72,977116,805300
Total Income (A)13,231,90517,007,63826,912,431
Expenses For
Direct Programme Activities2,531,9946,228,5327,691,338
Programme Staff Cost5,817,3598,009,88212,778,909
Travel Expenses19,37055,448179,492
Direct Programme Expenses8,368,72314,293,86220,649,739
Fund Raising Expenses598,595988,5351,785,281
General Staff Cost000
Overhead Expenses1,630,3702,239,6162,569,956
Other Expenses/Transfer000
Total Expenditure (B)10,709,84117,648,75925,152,163
Surplus / (Deficit) (A-B)2,522,064-641,1201,760,268
Balance Sheet201520162017
Fixed Assets572,554584,000935,825
Current Assets (excl. Cash)246,040980,202600,614
Cash/Bank 5,216,5748,846,0956,639,798
Accumulated Deficits000
Total Assets7,535,16910,410,2978,176,237
Corpus / Share Capital30,11130,11130,111
General Funds3,616,0092,974,8884,735,156
Earmarked Funds3,834,3816,983,8471,978,921
Current Liabilities54,668421,4511,432,049
Total Liabilities7,535,16910,410,2978,176,237
Other Details201520162017
Direct Beneficiaries (Nos)4,5008,1142,361
Indirect Beneficiaries (Nos)5,00010,00020,000
Cost Per Direct Beneficiary (Rs) - Avg. 2,3552,15910,591
Number of Staff606757
Highest Salary (Rs p.a.)1,200,0001,375,0001,375,000
Lowest Salary (Rs p.a.)106,500106,500156,000
Regd. under : The Indian Trust Act, 1882
Auditor : Rajeev Kumar Sahu & Associates
Bankers : HDFC

Donor tax benefits : 80G 50%
Eligible for foreign donations : Yes

Trustees/Directors/Managing Committee:
Ms. Brinda Crishna, Chaiperson
Mr. Akhil Paul, Trustee
Ms. Indrani Roy, Trustee
Ms. Aysha Sreekanth, Trustee
Mr. T V Ramaswamy, Trustee
Ms. Sriparna Choudhary, Trustee

Source : Audit Report 2017

NGO Profile :
Vaani, Deaf Childrens Foundation was created with the aim of bringing communication to the lives of deaf children and their families and enable access to every deaf child. VAANI integrates themselves with communities and works towards identifying a deaf child as early on as possible. While deafness is not a learning disability, the lack of language and ability to communicate gives rise to learning and academic problems and impacts the social and emotional needs of the child and its family. They work to create an empathetic and enthusiastic learning environment for every deaf child that also empowers their families. They have worked with over 7000 children and 12000 parents in multiple states.

VAANI runs the following initiatives:

SADHAN Resource Centre: The Sadhan Resource Centre is a space to educate and empower deaf children and their parents to learn and comprehend language and have meaningful conversations between themselves and the world around them. Here parents are not only trained to help their young deaf child with the challenges they face with hearing, communication and literacy but also, to accept the child’s differences, guide the child through their formative school years and become agents of change by influencing policy-making authorities and the Government.

Teach for Deaf: VAANI has created a holistic volunteer program called Teach for Deaf. It is a 54-hour course spread over 9 months and is aimed at the corporate sector. The idea is to create a movement of leaders that collectively help solve the problem of inequality in access to communication and language for deaf children.

VAANI on wheels: VAANI decided to set up a mobile Sadhan Resource Centre when they realised that parents had to travel long distances to avail their services. Their mobile centre travels to inaccessible parts of the country to ensure that deaf children have the same basic rights to communication as others.