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Age: 19 Years
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Mr. Ravindra Poojary, Trustee
Mr. Rathnakar, Trustee
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Average: 95.6% Highest: 95.6% Lowest: 95.6%
Average: Rs7 lac Highest: Rs7 lac Lowest: Rs7 lac
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Samashti was started by a small group of amateur theatre artists, whose main purpose is to discover new aspirants, train them in all aspects of theatre, and bringing them to the main stream of Kannada theatre. To achieve its objectives, Samashti has organized many free theatre camps.

For the last 15 years, Samashti tried to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Reaching the masses without compromising the theatre values.
  2. Giving importance to creative work.
  3. Giving emphasis to all aspects of theatre production such as acting, sets, music, properties, make up, costume, lighting, etc.
  4. Assuming acting as a core subject.
  5. Conducting workshops to help identify new talent and to enrich the existing talent.
  6. Producing new or rarely presented plays.

Some of their plays include Chitrapata Ramayana, Vishaake, Chirakumara Sabha, Prameelarjuneeyam, Nayee Kathe, Shandilya Prahasana, Avaanthara, Kathe Helathivi, Miss Sadarame, Saafalya, Kathana, Preethi, Harinabhisarana, Alegalalli Rajahamsagalu, Haddu Meerida Haadi, Mrichakatika, Samba Shiva Prahasana & Ashadada Ondu Dina.

Samashti’s play Chitrapata Ramayana won three awards and received ten nominations in Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award (META) in 2015. A total of 290 plays competed in META across India.

During FY15, Samashti also conducted various workshops on topics like basics of theatre acting, make-up workshop, intonation workshop, property making workshop, film making and rhythm workshop.

2 lac
2 lac
Source : Audit Report 2015