The U-turn on Mark Zuckerberg's gift
Evaluate. Then Donate.
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Did Mark Zuckerberg actually gift billions to charity?

The reactions to Zuckerberg's gift to charity range from adulation to accusations of oligopoly. Many are now questioning the fine print in his letter to his daughter. Has he actually promised to donate millions to charity? Then why is his new institution set up as a private limited company? We make sense of the claims that are flying around the internet.

The floods in Tamil Nadu have had a devastating effect and rehabilitation has begun. Read on to follow or support the work of NGOs working with communities in need in Chennai:
ActionAid India has been working with marginalised communities (especially tribal ones) that are worst hit by the floods. Follow their Facebook page/website for news and stories of those affected.
Goonj... has made a name for themselves in disaster relief. They post updates and requests on their Facebook page and other web channels. Donate now. has a crowdsourced list of help required, help available, contact lists and more.


Khan Academy comes to India
Will technology make education more equitable? Salman Khan set up online tutoring portal Khan Academy to help his 12-year old cousin with his Maths homework. He's not the Salman Khan you're thinking of, but is a record-breaking star in his own right. His free, easy to use portal has delivered more than 580 million online lessons so far! Now Central Square Foundation, a Delhi-based non-profit is bringing the Academy to India - in Hindi.
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