Where do your donations go?
Evaluate. Then Donate.
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Where do your donations actually go?

Ever wonder what happens to your money when you donate? NGOs rely on donations to run projects, meet expenses and plan for the future. A trustworthy NGO will utilise funds in any of the four ways discussed. The next time you donate, keep an eye out for what the NGO requires.

The festive season is here!

"If you think going to an RTO is painful, put your child in a government school"
Looking for gifts this Diwali? Our NGOs have the answer! Our NGOs create everything from cards and diyas to chocolates and decorations. Items
can be customised for corporate orders as well.

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Hippocampus founder Umesh Malhotra was moved to start a chain of low-cost preschools after seeing the state of government-run schools. Parents insist on sending their children to bad quality schools showing that "human beings live on hope". Through Hippocampus, he wants to provide an education that matches their expectations.
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