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NGO Insights: CHILDLINE India Foundation

CHILDLINE India Foundation pioneered a free helpline for children that has now been adopted in Egypt, Nepal and Kenya! Their well-known '1098' number has received over 30 million calls in the past twenty years and has connected thousands of children with police assistance, medical help and rescued them from abuse. Our analysts bring you an in-depth insight into CHILDLINE's operations and finances.

Not enough money for people with mental health ailments
Hippocampus' 'Mission Finland' plans to bring more kids into pre-school education
It appears that Indians are suffering in silence. Common Mental Disorders (CMDs) are on the rise, yet the dialogue around them hasn't increased. It appears that almost 90% of sufferers go untreated! It's great to see Research Society and the Mariwala Foundation's iCALL helpline (which we have written about before) in this article. Hope this issue gets the attention it deserves!
Hippocampus founder Umesh Malhotra was moved to start achain of low-cost preschools after seeing the state of government-run schools. Parents insist on sending their children to bad quality schools showing that "human beings live on hope". Through Hippocampus, he wants to provide an education that matches their expectations.
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