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HYNGO Knowledge Centre distributes a weekly newsletter covering information on our NGOs, happenings in the social sectors and references to interesting news. Click to read one.

Celebrity Philanthropy: What’s behind the flashbulbs?
By HelpYourNGO | Nov 26, 2015

Celebrity Philanthropy: What's behind the flashbulbs?
By HelpYourNGO | Nov 26, 2015

Our first NGO Pop Up was a huge success!
By HelpYourNGO | Nov 19, 2015

An HYNGO Milestone - 100 projects approved on Sammaan!
By HelpYourNGO | Nov 04, 2015

Women's empowerment is great for the economy!
By HelpYourNGO | Nov 04, 2015

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Past Workshops

  • Volunteer Management,
      by Madhukar Kumar
  • Making Presentation,
      by Sougat
  • Legal Workshop,
      by Noshir Dadrawala
  • Governance Workshop,
      by Noshir Dadrawala
  • Strategic Planning,
      by Tanaz Buhariwalla
  • Monitoring & Evaluation,
      by Priya Agrawal
  • Financial Management,
      by Sanjay Patra
  • Fund Raising,
      by Sameer Bhakhri
  • Branding,
      by Vidya BR and Sandeep Nanu
  • Boards,
      by Ms. Gayatree Oak
  • Trustee,
      by Ms. Gayatree Oak
  • Sexual Harreshment,
      by Ms. Gayatree Oak
  • Donor Relation,
      by Sameer Bhakhri