HYNGO Knowledge Centre has provided here a compendium of articles available in the public domain which we believe would be of interest and value to our readers following current happenings in the social sector space. .

Govt to create a database and help: Minister
By Times of India, TNN | Sep 7, 2015

Coca Cola Foundation, NGO transformed villages in MP
By Udit Mukherji,TNN | Sep 17, 2015

The Companies With The Best CSR Reputations In The World
By Forbes, Susan Adams | Sept 17, 2015

Govt to change registration, audit processes for NGOs
By Mint, Rajnish Sharma, Moyna Manku | Sept 18, 2015

Ganesha pandals come up with social messages to educate people
By Times of India, Manish M,TNN | Sep 19, 2015

Social Work Doesn't Pay Peanuts'
By Indian Express, Rajeshwari Swaminathan | Sept 21, 2015

CSR spend: How public and private sectors fared
By Arundhati Ramanathan, Mint | Sept 25, 2015

Returns will take longer: Ravi Venkatesan
By Business Standard | Sept 27, 2015