14 things you can do to celebrate Children’s Day!

Children are indeed the promise of a better world ahead. We give you 14 things you can do to help

  1. Eat dessert!: If you’re in Mumbai, head to for dessert between the 14th and the 30th of November. The surprise element: all proceeds go to Akanksha, an NGO that educates children. The children helped create the dishes too! See more details here.
  2. Celebrate a 14th anniversary: The Akshaya Patra Foundation turns 14 in 2014, a year in which they will reach out to nearly 1.4 million children. You can support their good work and feed a child every day for a year with just Rs750. Find out more now!
  3. Sponsor a child: You can support everything from a special meal to uniforms and tuitions at organisations like Seva Sadan, which runs an orphanage, school and high school for girls.
  4. Be happy as a child: The Research Society provides for every need for a developmentally child within their premises. The happiness on these children’s faces just flows from being well taken care of! See their wonderful video to the tune of the catchy ‘Happy’
  5. Run, run, run!: Run for childhood! The Magic Bus Foundation uses sports to help underprivileged children learn life skills. Contribute to this sporting endeavour by running in the Mumbai Marathon on their behalf.
  6. Support a child: Sneha Sagar Society works with children who have lost their parents to HIV and tuberculosis. You can sponsor a child’s education and other requirements with just a click here.
  7. Thunderclap: Start a movement! Child Rights and You is trying to make a dent in the practice of child labour with their campaign online. Like their campaign on www.thunderclap.it, and your support can help them provide child labourers with the childhood they deserve.
  8. Mentor a child: Your time and advice can make a huge difference to a child’s life. Want to support a child by being a mentor? Get in touch with http://www.thegreenbattiproject.in/!
  9. Donate toys: If you have old toys in good condition that you don’t have a use for anymore, consider donating them to NGOs like the Children Toy Foundation or Toybank, who will then pass it on to children who can’t afford their own. What a wonderful way to spread a smile!
  10. Don’t support child labour: Something you can do from your house, office or building. Don’t support outfits that employ child labourers. Public outcry has produced inspiring results in the past, so let’s not stop till this practice is shut down completely.
  11. Be inspired by their heroism: Heroes don’t necessarily have to star in films or wear capes for us to know them. The National Bravery Awards honour children who have performed exemplary feats of bravery and shown courage in the face of fear. How many adults would have been able to do the same? Read the stories of last year’s winners here.
  12. Marvel at their imagination: Childhood is not just about toys and TV. India’s National Innovation Council’s IGNITE contest saw children from across the country submit their designs for innovative products that can change the way people live. On the list are wheelchairs that can turn into crutches, a low-cost Braille printer and an indicator for phones out of order, all devised by schoolchildren! See the list of wonderful ideas here.
  13. Listen to the Kid President: Timeless advice from America’s Kid President. Enough said!
  14. Don’t forget your inner child: Remember that we were all children once! No amount of wishful thinking can bring childhood back, but we can choose to live our lives with a little bit of the innocence and spontaneity we had as children. What better way to honour Children’s Day!

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