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We still live in a world where most girls are denied an education, cannot choose whom and when to marry, when to have children, and how many!

Today we urge you to provide hope, dignity and economic opportunity to the Girl Child. Every girl who is educated, healthy, and empowered becomes a catalyst for change for her family, her community, and her nation.

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Donate Rs1,000
50% of India's 115 million adolescent girls are anaemic. This puts them at risk of poor physical and cognitive growth, suboptimal educational outcomes, low economic productivity, complicated pregnancies and undernourished babies.
Sponsor an anaemia reduction programme for 1 adolescent girl for Rs1,000.
Impact India Foundation
Donate Rs2,100
Arpan focuses on preventing child sexual abuse and healing those who have been affected by it.
Sponsor 4-6 Personal Safety Skills sessions for a child. Donate Rs2,100.
Donate Rs2,300
In Jharkhand, 45-85% girls drop out of school after primary school (Class 5) due to poverty, resulting in early marriage. Jharkhand accounts for highest number of girls being trafficked, one of the serious after-effects of not being in school.
Provide school fees, books and uniforms to a girl for a year. Donate Rs2,300.
Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra
Donate Rs3,000
More than 120,000 girls are progressing in school. Support a Nanhi Kali's education now!
Sponsor Primary education scholarship for a Nanhi Kali: Rs3,000.
Nanhi Kali
A few hard facts:
India is home to 115 million adolescent girls.
7 out of 10 girls will not finish Class 10.
Only one in 100 Indian girls enters the 12th standard.
India has the world's largest share of child brides - 47% of Indian girls marry before age 18.
India has the highest percentage of underweight (47%) and anaemic (56%) adolescent girls.
30% of India’s 900,000 sex workers are girls aged under 14 years old.
All the above offer 50% tax deduction under Section 80G.
4 ways to help Adolescent Girls Today
Support Anaemia reduction for one adolescent girl.
Sponsor Personal Safety Skills sessions for one child.
Provide school fees, books, uniform and other educational needs to a girl for a year.
Sponsor Primary education scholarship for a Nanhi Kali.

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Know more about the causes

Impact India Foundation
Adolescence in girls offers a unique window of opportunity to break the cycle of malnutrition at the individual and inter-generational levels. Investing in their nutrition is a prerequisite to ensure adequate returns on investments made on their education, livelihoods and empowerment. Hence IIF conducts sessions for communities on best practices on health, nutrition and hygiene.They train households on kitchen garden cultivation, and provide anaemia treatment to adolescent girls.
HYNGO Financial Score: | Funds spent on beneficiaries: 89%
Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is not only the violation of child’s body but of the trust implicit in the caregiving relationship. This violation can have a significant impact on how the child as a victim and later on as an adult survivor sees and experiences the world. The effects of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) can be damaging, but the effects are not permanent if appropriate support is provided to the victim and his/her stakeholders. Arpan's training sessions sensitise children to the difference between safe touch and unsafe touch on their bodies, and provide awareness of the steps to be taken if they are facing abuse.
HYNGO Financial Score: | Funds spent on beneficiaries: 91%
Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra
How does NBJK prevent child marriage? A worker meets with the parents of the girl child and counsels them about the importance of Girls' Education. NBJK encourages girls to complete their schooling and provides tuition fees, books, uniforms and other covers other educational expenses. In return, their parents sign a bond on plain paper guaranteeing that they will not support child marriage or force their child to drop out of school till Class X. This measure ensures that girls complete their schooling and avoid an early marriage. Regular follow up, rapport with parents and schools and evaluation of academic achievement are essential components of the program. 550 high school girls (who would otherwise drop-out) were sponsored for secondary education and it also helped in reducing child marriage.
HYNGO Financial Score: | Funds spent on beneficiaries: 71%
Nanhi Kali
Nanhi Kali currently supports the education of 1.2 lakh underprivileged girls in 10 states.The programme is jointly managed by the K.C. Mahindra Education Trust and the Naandi Foundation. The project mobilises communities to send their daughters to school, provides after school classes, schoolbags, shoes, books and other essentials that help a girl go to school with dignity.
HYNGO Financial Score: | Funds spent on beneficiaries: 97%