We connect individuals, foundations and corporations with trusted, high-impact nonprofits across India. Since inception, we have raised over INR 40 million for NGOs.

Our CSR Services help you find reliable NGOs, compare proposals and draft agreements while meeting all legal requirements of the Companies Act.

At HelpYourNGO, we are uniquely qualified to support companies facing similar questions in identifying appropriate NGO partners and funding opportunities.

HelpYourNGO has developed a robust framework to ensure each donation is optimally utilised. The services are followed for both CSR funding requests as well as employee volunteering opportunities offered by corporates.

  1. Develop CSR Policy and Strategy
    • Develop a customised CSR policy and define the nature of CSR activities suited to the organisation
    • Recommend social causes that synergize with the corporate's ethos and community need
    • Study existing social initiatives (if any) and structure them to promote strategic giving
    • Comply with statutory requirements towards CSR as prescribed in the Companies Act 2013
  2. Deployment of CSR Funds:
    • Step 1: Solicit and Evaluate Funding Proposals
      • Develop funding criteria like grant size, social cause, project type (capital vs revenue, number of beneficiaries, duration of outcome, output etc)
      • Invite funding proposals from potential NGOs/social venture firms
      • Evaluate project feasibility ... (for full details write in to info@helpyourngo.com)
    • Step 2: Make Recommendations to Client
      • Offer a slate of evaluated proposals
      • Shortlist and submit project details that match with grant-making criteria
      • Recommend projects that best... (for full details write in to info@helpyourngo.com) 
    • Step 3: Conduct Detailed Analysis
      • Onsite visit to inspect statutory documents, manuals, beneficiary records, employee records etc
      • Conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis covering areas like financial performance, sustainability parameters, governance practices
      • Determine performance indicators... (for full details write in to info@helpyourngo.com)
    • Step 4: Facilitate Grant Disbursal
      • Assist with drafting MoU and Grant Disbursement Agreements
      • Co-ordinate timely disbursements (one time/milestone tagged)
  3. Monitor and Evaluate CSR Programs
    • Co-ordinate with NGOs to develop a reporting plan with defined milestones
    • NGO to submit quarterly fund utilisation statement
    • Assess evaluation parameters... (for full details write in to info@helpyourngo.com)

HelpYourNGO can conduct a due diligence – financial and qualitative – on one or more NGOs as a standalone service. We offer these services to clients already associated with an NGO partner or those wishing to identify an appropriate NGO partner for their organisation. 

  • Financial Due Diligence:
    • Details of various income sources; suggesting level of dependency on donors
    • Breakdown of project-wise expenses; indicating allocation of funds on program activities v/s overheads and other non program related activities
    • Efficiency levels, liquidity position, sustainability, etc. using ratio analysis
  • Non-Financial Due Diligence:
    • Organisation culture and operating practises followed such as fund flow management, maintaining beneficiary records, manuals, etc
    • Quality of relationship maintained with key stakeholders like employees, beneficiaries, donors, and vendors
    • Track record of the management team, governing body or advisory board
    • Meeting compliances as mandated by the law
    • Enquire about ongoing litigations / court cases, etc.

We are happy to discuss our NGO Due Diligence services in more detail once we understand your requirement. Leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

We have tailor-made solutions for clients as per their interest, time horizon, cause preferences and budget. Our past clients include:

  • Quantum Mutual Fund
  • Chemtrols
  • OFI India
  • Stone Shippers
  • Padmanabh Mafatlal Group
  • D.L. Shah Trust
  • Watumull Foundation (India)


and many more.

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