HelpYourNGO's Donor Advisory Service connects individuals, foundations and corporations with trusted, high-impact nonprofits across India. Our network of NGOs includes 650+ NGOs across 504 zip codes in India. Whether it's legacy giving, CSR spends or a personal passion project, you can avail our Donor Advisory Services to ensure that your donations reach a credible organization and program that resonate with you.

Our team of Research Analysts, including Chartered Accountants, can assist you in formulating a giving strategy and identifying appropriate non-profit partners to support which meet your unique giving criteria. This service is ideal for those who want to go beyond word-of-mouth references and internet-based research for NGOs.

Advantages of HelpYourNGO's Donor Advisory Service:

  • We encourage our donors to have a first-hand experience of the program they are supporting by arranging for field visits and accompanying them, if needed
  • HelpYourNGO team will be in touch with NGO staff to monitor and evaluate program progress
  • Periodic Reports - qualitative as well as financial are regularly shared with donors

Our endeavour has been to identify and support high impact programs of small and mid-size NGOs.

Since inception, we have raised over INR 55 million for our partner NGOs.

Our CSR Services help you find reliable NGOs, compare proposals,and meet the legal requirements of The Companies Act, 2013.

At HelpYourNGO, we are uniquely qualified to support companies facing challenges in identifying appropriate NGO partners and funding opportunities.

HelpYourNGO has developed a robust framework to ensure each donation is optimally utilized.

1. Develop CSR Policy and Strategy

  • Develop a customized CSR policy and define the nature of CSR activities suited to the organization
  • Recommend social causes that synergize with the corporate's ethos and community need
  • Study existing social initiatives (if any) and structure them to promote strategic giving
  • Comply with statutory requirements towards CSR as prescribed in The Companies Act, 2013


2. Deployment of CSR Funds:​

  • Step 1: Solicit and Evaluate Funding Proposals
    • Formulate giving strategy with the donor
    • Develop funding criteria like grant size, social cause, project type, period of support, etc.
    • Invite detailed funding proposals from potential NGOs in our network
    • Evaluate project feasibility based on our internal check parameters
  • Step 2: Make Recommendations to Client
    • Offer a slate of evaluated proposals
    • Recommend projects that best meet the donor’s criteria and fulfil HYNGO’s due diligence norms
    • Facilitate finalization of the MoU
    • Co-ordinate timely disbursements (one time/milestone tagged)
    • Arrange for a field visit
  • Step 3: Facilitate Grant Disbursal
    • Co-ordinate with NGOs to develop a reporting plan with defined milestones and determine key performance indicators
    • Submit periodic Reports (Qualitative as well as Financial) to measure program progress
    • Conduct Variance analysis to measure actuals against deliverables


3. Monitor and Evaluate CSR Programs

  • Co-ordinate with NGOs to develop a reporting plan with defined milestones and determine key performance indicators
  • Submit periodic Reports (Qualitative as well as Financial) to measure program progress
  • Conduct Variance analysis to measure actuals against deliverables

Due Diligence

HelpYourNGO offers to conduct a detailed Due Diligence on NGOs on behalf of its clients who areeither already associated with an NGO partner or those who have shortlisted an appropriate NGO partner for their organization.

Our team visits the NGO to meet the program staff and beneficiaries. Some of the areas that the Due Diligence covers include:

  • Financial parameters:
    • Detailed analysis of income sources; analysis of major donors; dependency on key donors
    • Breakdown of project-wise expenses; indicating allocation of funds on program activities v/s overheads and other non-program related activities
    • Efficiency levels, liquidity position, sustainability, etc. using ratio analysis
    • Sustainability model
  • Qualitative parameters:
    • Organisation culture, operating practises and process flow
    • Alignment of programs with organization’s mission/vision statement
    • NGO engagement with key stakeholders
    • Succession plan and management depth
    • Details of Board and Top Management
    • Compliance withvarious laws as applicable to the non-profit
    • Ongoing litigations / court cases, etc.

We are happy to discuss our NGO Due Diligence services in more detail once we understand your requirement. Leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

We have tailor-made solutions for clients as per their interest, time horizon, cause preferences and budget. Our past clients include:

  • Quantum Mutual Fund
  • Chemtrols
  • OFI India
  • Stone Shippers
  • Padmanabh Mafatlal Group
  • D.L. Shah Trust
  • Watumull Foundation (India)


and many more.

Contact us

Winnie Dholakia / Nishant Parekh
Phone: 022 2204 1250/51

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