Together against Corona!

As India’s coronavirus count continues to spike in the second wave, the most marginalised are again bearing the brunt of the pandemic — from increasing job insecurity and wage cuts, to lack of food and other essentials.


What can you do to help during the lockdown?

The lockdown is needed to stop the spread of the disease. But it brings challenges for daily wage labourers, the poor, the elderly, children on the streets, and many others who can’t afford to pay for their hospitalisation or purchase rations in this time. Oxygen concentrators, ventilators, hospital beds, ration kits are the need of the hour. 


Our corporate partners donated Rs 23 lakh to help the disadvantaged impacted by COVID-19. But there's lots more to be done. For lakhs who may not know whether any of their symptoms are of COVID-19, whether there will be a roof over their heads, where their next meal will come from, or whether they will have access to medical facilities and essentials... this can mean everything.


After careful assessment by our Research Analysts, we have shortlisted Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA) as our NGO partner for this campaign. YUVA recently conducted a rapid situation analysis across communities (in slums, resettlement colonies, urban villages, homeless communities) in 4 Mumbai Metropolitan Region cities. Read Rapid Assessment Report 


Your donations will be used for:


1) Distribution of Ration and Medical kits: Each ration kit costs Rs 2,500/- and contains rice, dal, atta, spices and sanitation items which would suffice a family of 5 for one month. The medical kit costs Rs 2,500/- and comprises a oximeter, a thermometer, mask, sanitiser, etc. which can help in early detection of COVID-19 and help more people better monitor and manage symptoms at home, reducing the pressure on the already stressed health system.


2) Provision of Oxygen concentrators, Hospital beds, etc.: To public and government-aided healthcare centres that community members can access. Most of these centres are short on basic infrastructure such as PPE kits, beds, wheelchairs, stretchers, oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators. With basic support they can function much more effectively to provide proper care, taking the burden off larger hospitals.

The approximate pricing is as follows (current prices are inflated due to existing supply shortages):

  • ● PPE kit @ Rs 500 per unit
  • ● Folding bed @ Rs 10,000 per unit
  • ● Wheelchair/stretcher @ Rs 8,000 per unit
  • ● Oxygen cylinder @ Rs 10,000 per unit
  • ● Oxygen concentrator @ Rs 50,000 per unit 


3) Running Vaccine Helpdesks in communities: To spread awareness about the vaccination process, clarify common misconceptions, address FAQs, and encourage more people to register for the vaccine as it remains the best way to overcome the virus. The helpdesks support people through the app-based registration process that can be challenging for many. 



Let’s work together to help the most marginalised tide over the pandemic. 


UPDATE: You can read detailed program reports from NGOs who received donations via our crowdfunding campaign on this page. Our campaign is still live. Receipts for all donations are being sent to donors. YUVA is hard at work on the ground, and all further donations will continue to be disbursed to them and their beneficiaries based on the need. Thank you for your concern and goodwill for those who are struggling in this time. We have the power to help each other. Wishing everyone the best of health and safety.


Team HelpYourNGO


PraveenLata Sansthan: Essential supplies kits distribution in Jaipur

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