Together against Corona!

In the fight against Coronavirus – 19, we all have a role to play.

Health workers are treating those with symptoms. Sanitation workers, government officials, transport staff are ensuring that infrastructure is maintained so we have access to essential supplies. The challenges on the ground extend well beyond April 15th.

What can you do to help during the lockdown?

The lockdown is needed to stop the spread of the disease. But it brings challenges for daily wage labourers, the poor, elderly, children on the streets, and many others who can’t afford to purchase rations in this time.

Rice, dal, water, soap, sanitizer and masks are the need of the hour. We have spoken with some NGOs and have a record of their requirements. Most importantly, they are keeping safety precautions in mind as they deliver the items.

One of our corporate partners, Quantum Mutual Fund, has committed to donating Rs 15 lakh to help the disadvantaged impacted by COVID-19 and the 21-day lockdown. Because of them, we will be able to send 1 month's wages to those who are out of work and economically vulnerable in the lockdown.

There's lots more to be done. There are families with senior citzens, differently abled members, cancer patients, pregnant women, migrant families and many other cases who need your help. Any donation from you will put food on their plates and deliver essentials like soap and sanitary pads to them at this urgent time.

For thousands who may not know whether any of their symptoms are of COVID-19, whether there will be a roof over their heads, where their next meal will come from, or whether they will have access to essentials....this can mean everything.


HelpYourNGO will not charge any fees for these donations. 100% of your contributions will be disbursed on a weekly basis to the NGOs based on the need.


Based on NGO programs reviewed by our Research Analysts, we have listed the following donation options:


  1. Apnalaya

Apnalaya works with casual labourers in Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai. Their target beneficiaries earn less than Rs 6,000 a month, and bank transfers will enable them to keep their heads above water. In Mumbai the lockdown was in place since March 22nd. Work is scarce and finances are dry.

Donation options:

  1. Direct bank transfer – Rs 2,500 monthly to the identified most vulnerable families 
  2. Immediate distribution of Essential supplies – Rs 2,000 to serve a family of 5 for 1 month (includes rice, flour, pulses, oil, sugar, tea, soaps)


  1. Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA)

YUVA has conducted a rapid assessment to identify families most in need - those forced to beg for a living, carpenters, rag pickers, waste workers, housekeeping staff, those working in small establishments like roadside eateries. They will focus first on groups with especially vulnerable persons including senior citizens, differently-abled persons, women-headed households and children. Their initial efforts were with the homeless in Kurla, Sion, Dadar, Jogeshwari and other parts of Mumbai.

Donation options:

  1. Immediate distribution of Essential supplies – Rs 2,000 to serve a family of 5 for 1 month (includes rice, flour, pulses, oil, spices, soaps)
  2. Provision of Cooked meals to migrant workers - Rs 30 per meal per person (Tied up with Blue Sea Catering)


  1. AfterTaste

AfterTaste is a woman-run organisation operating in Ambojwadi, Mumbai. They train underprivileged unskilled women as artisans and employ them to create products for sale. They had to shut their manufacturing units as news of Coronavirus spread, and have no idea of when they will be back at work again. The women live in slum communities near AfterTaste's centres.

Donation option:

  1. Salaries of 37 women artists/artisans (average monthly salary is Rs 5,500)


  1. PraveenLata Sansthan (PLS)

PLS has targeted families in Rajasthan dependent on a member earning daily wages of Rs 300. These families are hit hard as production has been shut down and work and earnings are not available.

Donation option:

  1. Immediate distribution of Essential supplies – Rs 2,000 to serve a family of 5 for 1 month
  2. Provision of reusable PPE to frontline workers - Rs 944 per kit


Safety precautions: NGO staff in all cases are following government guidelines for prevention of transmission. This includes wearing masks, sanitizing their hands and preventing overcrowding. The NGOs work in co-operation with local or State authorities where applicable.



May 4th:

A quick update on the funds disbursed till May 4th 2020. Thanks to your contributions, we have managed to reach 738 families across the country! We feel proud and humbled to have made this difference. Many thanks to ALL our donors, NGOs and partners for making this possible.

S. No.        NGO Location Program Funds disbursed Families impacted
1. AfterTaste Mumbai Salaries 3,30,000 37
2. Apnalaya Mumbai Direct Bank Transfers 6,64,625 296
3. Light of Life Trust Makredi, Bijolia, Garrda (Rajasthan) Essential Supplies Kit  2,25,264 228
4. PraveenLata Sansthan Jaipur Essential Supplies Kit + PPE  1,21,083 122
5. Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA) Mumbai Essential supplies 2,00,000 100
        15,40,972 840



A corporate partner donated generously to support COVID - 19 relief efforts in Makredi, Bijolia and Garrda in Rajasthan. One of our partner NGOs - Light of Life Trust (LoLT) identified beneficiaries in urgent need, particularly those who were daily wage earners and landless labourers. The average income of those surveyed was less than Rs 4,500/- a month. LoLT tied up with kirana shops at the tehsil level who would transport the grocery kits to the local kirana shop. LoLT's social workers and volunteers worked to ensure the delivery of the individual grocery kit to the beneficiary families.

Contribution: 228 beneficiaries were supported with ration kits containing essential supplies like rice, flour, pulses, oil, soap and masks. The cost of each kit was Rs 988, with a total donation amount of Rs 2,25,264/-


Here is a brief update on the campaign and what your donations have achieved so far:

·         Tuesday, March 31st: We disbursed Rs 1,65,000 to AfterTaste as one month’s wage replacement for 37 underprivileged women artists and artisans (average monthly salary of approxRs 4,500) who are out of work during the lockdown.

·         Tuesday, March 31st: We disbursed Rs 3,04,888 to Apnalaya for supporting fund transfer ofRs 2,000to the bank accounts of 152 most vulnerable families. Their average monthly income was between Rs 6,000 to 7,000.

·         Wednesday, April 1st: We disbursed Rs 31,425 to PraveenLata Sansthan. The funds will be used to purchase daily, weekly, or monthly ration kits (as per need) for beneficiaries dependent on one earning member who earns less than Rs 300 per day.

Our campaign is still live. We intend to continue raising funds until we have more clarity that the adverse economic effects of the lockdown are reducing. 100% of donations are being sent to the NGOs and receipts for all donations are being sent to donors.

The NGOs are hard at work on the ground, and all further donations will continue to be disbursed to them and their beneficiaries based on the need.

Thank you for your concern and goodwill for those who are struggling in this time. We have the power to help each other. Wishing everyone the best of health and safety.


Team HelpYourNGO


PraveenLata Sansthan: Essential supplies kits distribution in Jaipur

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