Income Statement (Rs)Abhiprer FY13Karuna  FY13Magic Bus FY13Mob Crech FY13
Used for Beneficiaries79%87%88%77%
Financial Score
Total Income (A) [ + ]448,6921,130,021208,075,43046,038,479
Income From
Government Sources 0551,2210254,304
Institutional Sources 0214,60004,525,084
Foreign Sources 00135,517,14829,057,532
General donations 423,451364,20071,904,5389,018,679
Sales/Service Charges 25,000000
Interest/Dividend 2410653,7442,112,392
Other Income 0001,070,487
Total Expenses (B) [ + ] Total Expenses (B) [ - ]416,9301,216,770192,950,04041,900,426
Programme Expenses [ + ] Programme Expenses [ - ]330,8491,056,483169,952,58539,073,288
Direct Programme Expenses330,849625,483147,768,91139,069,067
Staff Cost (Related To Programmes)0431,00021,713,4624,221
Travel Expenses00470,2120
Fund Raising Expenses006,982,9410
Admin Expenses [ + ] Admin Expenses [ - ]86,081160,28716,484,7262,827,138
General Staff Cost 007,448,2420
Overhead Expenses 86,081159,3963,923,4432,744,099
Depreciation 08914,494,67268,994
Other Expenses / Transfers to Reserves/Specific Funds 00148,15714,045
Surplus / (Deficit) (A-B)31,762-86,74915,125,3904,138,053
Total Income in % [ + ]Total Income in % [ - ]100%100%100%100%
Government Sources 0%49%0%1%
Institutional Sources 0%19%0%10%
Foreign Sources 0%0%65%63%
General Donation 94%32%35%20%
Sales / Service Charge 6%0%0%0%
Interest / Dividend 0%0%0%5%
Other Income 0%0%0%2%
Total Expenses in % [ + ] Total Expenses in % [ - ]100%100%100%100%
Programme Expenses [ + ] Programme Expenses [ - ]79%87%88%93%
Direct Programme Expenses79%51%77%93%
Staff Cost (Related To Programmes)0%35%11%0%
Travel Expenses0%0%0%0%
Fund Raising Expenses0%0%4%0%
Admin Expenses [ + ] Admin Expenses [ - ]21%13%8%7%
Staff Cost (General)0%0%4%0%
Overhead Expenses21%13%2%7%
Professional Fees0%0%0%0%
Other Expenses0%0%0%0%
Transfers to Reserves/Specific Funds0%0%0%0%
Beneficiary / Staff DetailsAbhiprer FY13Karuna  FY13Magic Bus FY13Mob Crech FY13
Direct Beneficiaries (Nos)22150272,75614,417
Indirect Beneficiaries (Nos)30600N.AN.A
Cost Per Direct Beneficiary (Rs)18,9518,1061,2002,902
Number of Staff [ + ] Number of Staff [ - ]612733140
Highest Salary (Rs p.a.)120,00060,0005,000,004876,000
Lowest Salary (Rs p.a.)110,00024,00052,70466,000
Balance Sheet Data (Rs)Abhiprer FY13Karuna  FY13Magic Bus FY13Mob Crech FY13
Total Assets [ + ] Total Assets [ - ]58,477454,990110,776,56899,291,255
Fixed Assets48,5768,01467,811,2562,996,965
Current Assets (Other Than Cash)0010,136,94610,157,054
Current Assets (Cash/Bank)9,901373,20230,386,6393,888,865
Accumulated Deficits073,7742,441,7270
Total Liabilities [ + ] Total Liabilities [ - ]58,477454,990110,776,56899,291,255
Trust Corpus002,00033,640,440
General Funds58,4770022,016,567
Earmarked Funds0084,127,3457,163,007
Property Funds0000
Unutilized Grants00034,130,656
Total Funds58,477084,129,34596,950,670
Current Liabilities0026,647,2232,340,585
Balance Sheet in % [ + ] Balance Sheet in % [ - ]
Fixed Assets83%2%61%3%
Current Assets (Other Than Cash)0%0%9%10%
Current Assets (Cash/Bank)17%82%27%4%
Accumulated Deficits0%16%2%0%
Total Assets100%100%100%100%
Trust Corpus0%0%0%34%
General Funds100%0%0%22%
Earmarked Funds0%0%76%7%
Property Funds0%0%0%0%
Unutilized Grants0%0%0%34%
Current Liabilities0%0%24%2%
Total Liabilities100%100%100%100%
Ratio AnalysisAbhiprer FY13Karuna  FY13Magic Bus FY13Mob Crech FY13
Income Growth Rate119%181%22%13%
Self Sufficiency Ratio108%30%39%29%
Days' Cash Ratio9.0112.060.034.0
Repayment Capacity Ratio (x)Zero debtZero debtZero debtZero debt
Other Ratio [ + ] Other Ratio [ - ]
Income per employee (Rs)7594284329
Expenses per Employee (Rs)69101263299
Per Employee Cost (Rs)036400
Funds Utilisation Ratio07700
Current Assets/Current Liabilities (x)0026
Loans From Members as (%) of Loans0000
Contact Information [ + ] Contact Information [ - ]
Name of NGOAbhiprer FY13Karuna  FY13Magic Bus FY13Mob Crech FY13
Contact PersonDr. Deepesh PrasadMr. M. KiranMs. Preeti DhingraMs. Sujatha K
Mobile+91 9319041049+91 9676782727
Organisation Email,
Telephone9319041049967678272722 43339351; +91 22 4333939311 23347635; +91 11 23347281
Financial Note [ + ] Financial Note [ - ]
Abhiprer1) The NGO has provided only one amount as Donations received, but not a detailed breakdown. 2) The NGO has provided overall amounts spent on various programmes, but not a detailed breakdown.
Magic Bus1) Donations include donations in kind. 2) Other income includes profit on sale of mutual fund. 3) Expenses have been classified based on Natural Classification in FY15 & FY16 (earlier classified based on Functional Classification). As a result Expense items prior to FY15 are not comparable with FY15 & FY16. 4) Other expenses includes foreign exchange loss, prior period items, loss on sale of assets, amounts written off, and provision for doubtful advances. In FY17, provision for doubtful advances was Rs49.21 lakhs. 5) Other Liabilities include long term provisions.
Mob Crech1) Schedules for detailed breakup of financial statements were not available in any of the years. Hence, the programme salaries and travel expenses cannot be segregated. 2) Overheads for FY12 & FY13 include provisions towards gratuity and leave encashment of the employees 3) Other expenses pertain to loss on redemption and decrease in stock. In FY14, Rs2.5mn was transferred to Programme Fund.

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