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Life is full of special moments: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, festivals or any personal milestone. We love commemorating these moments by giving and receiving gifts in cash or kind. A lot of people wanted for an alternative to these practices, and are now asking their loved ones to donate to their favorite charities instead. Our Charity Registry is here to help!

If it's your birthday, you can set up a Birthday Registry on HelpYourNGO's website and ask your friends and family to donate whatever they like on the Registry. It'll still be a gift to you, but it will help someone else as well!

We know how generous our close ones can be, especially if they know there's a cause that's close to our heart. Your special day is shared with people you know, and is even more special because it's made someone else's life better. You can set up a Registry for any event that's special to you or someone in your life.

Anything you like! Any milestone in your life that you want to celebrate with people you are close to. You can set up a Registry for:

  • Plant trees on your birthday because that's what makes you happiest
  • Donate to an arts NGO in honour of your art-loving, art-collecting uncle's birthday
  • Make you parents' wedding anniversary even more special by sponsoring a child's education
  • Celebrate turning 50

You can do that too! You can make a donation to commemorate a special donation for someone you know. If you already know a couple who would love something like this instead of a gift, this is for you. Select 'I want to make a gift on behalf of someone' on the page above, donate, and we will send them a card letting them know about your sweet gesture on their special day. This feature also works well when you don't know what to get your friend who already has everything!