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Now is the time we care for her is the only Indian website to show actual spend on beneficiaries

Monthly ration to a destitute elderly with poor health condition
Support destitute elderly by providing proper nutritious food ration to them on a regular basis.
With Rs1250 you can sponsor 1 month's ration.

Agewell Foundation


RS 1,250
Baby Box to curb infant mortality
The BabyBox is a part of a wider initiative to reach out to expectant tribal women in rural areas to introduce them to an array of health promotion information. Each baby box contains baby clothes, mattresses with mosquito net, blanket and nutritional supplements for the mother. This helps curb complicated pregnancies due to malnourishment and infanticide which are rampant there.

Prem Seva Mahila Mandal


RS 1,000
Get 50% tax deduction for your donation under Section 80G
You can give someone a healthy future
Sponsor 1 month ration for a destitute elderly person
Help curb infant mortality


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Know more about the causes

Agewell Foundation
Agewell Foundation has been providing free food ration to destitute elderly living in slums, as their family members could not afford proper nutritious food for them due to poverty. During a survey conducted by Agewell Foundation in slum areas, Agewell volunteers identified over 2100 elderly with poor health condition, who are not getting proper food regularly. So far they have assisted over 5 million elderly through their programmes.  READ MORE
HYNGO Financial Score: | Funds spent on beneficiaries: 80%
Sponsor 1 month ration for a destitute elderly person

Prem Seva Mahila Mandal
The Prem Seva Mahila Mandal works tirelessly with underserved women and children in the tribal communities of Murbad and Shahpur. In low income families maternal undernutrition, infections, poor healthcare and environmental exposures during pregnancy is highly prevalent. Babies born are too small and are at a higher risk of mortality, stunted growth, developmental delay and chronic diseases. So far they have reached out to 4000 pregnant women and provided them and their infants with care and nourishment. READ MORE
HYNGO Financial Score: | Funds spent on beneficiaries: 90%
Help curb infant mortality

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