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India has one NGO for every 400 people. However, only 9.3% of them file their income tax returns with the government. How do you find a trustworthy NGO to support?

HelpYourNGO was set up to bridge this gap between credible NGOs and donors who want to support their work. We are the only organisation in India dedicated to standardising financial information on NGOs to give donors a picture of NGO expenses. Our portal www.HelpYourNGO.com has listed 600 NGOs across 13 sectors and over 70 sub-sectors. Our website is used by donors wanting to donate amounts of Rs500 onward, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and CSR clients.

Use HelpYourNGO.com to

To help the world of NGOs and charity giving become more transparent by making their financials available for review and analysis.

To help smaller NGOs have the same visibility as larger NGOs and access pools of money or chunks of time that tend to be monopolized by larger NGOs.

To help those who wish to donate money and/or time select a cause and charity of their choice to work with.

To help NGOs raise their level of growth and evolution by providing the NGOs access to articles and guides on how to be better organized to handle the challenges of growth.

Ajit Dayal, the founder of HelpYourNGO, has leveraged his vast experience in capital markets to start this non-profit organisation. Ajit has been a pioneer in equity research in India and has been a catalyst in allowing Indian companies to raise capital from foreign institutional investors (FIIs). Over the past two decades, companies and partnerships set up by Ajit Dayal have helped foreigners invest over US$ 5 billion in the Indian capital markets

The investment recommendations made to the FIIs were based on research. This required building a database to capture information and analyse that data in order to help make a better investment decision.

Before investments were made on behalf of the FIIs Ajit analysed the companies and other factors such as:

  • The quality of the people running the company.
  • What did the company plan to do with the money it raised and was the money finally used for what it was supposed to?
  • Did the company have any wasteful expenditure and how did these expenditures compare with the competition?

I.V. Subramaniam (“Subbu”), the CEO of Quantum Advisors and its subsidiary Quantum AMC (“Quantum Mutual Funds”) and Rahul Goel, who runs www.equitymaster.com and www.PersonalFn.com are now using their past experience to help build HelpYourNGO

Pradeep Mahtani has recently been appointed CEO of HelpYourNGO. He has 23 years of experience in analyzing stocks in organisations such as Quantum Financial Services, Jardine Fleming/JPMorgan, ASK-Raymond James and Citigroup

Our financials

Year ended March 31 (All figures in INR) 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Income Statement
Sales/Service Charges 0 0 0 45,000 7,397,600
Interest/Dividend 0 0 0 4,000 12,675
Other Income 0 0 0 0 0
Total Income (A) 0 0 0 49,000 7,410,275
Expenses For
Direct Programme Activities 0 0 0 1,236,865 4,164,298
Programme Staff Cost 0 0 0 1,825,189 5,970,130
Travel Expenses 0 0 0 28,104 365,219
Total Direct Programme Cost 0 0 0 3,090,068 10,499,647
Fund Raising Expenses 0 0 0 0 0
General Staff Cost 0 0 3,186 744,797 2,143,245
Overhead Expenses 18,977 16,960 14,526 1,834,200 4,333,686
Depreciation 216 130 78 133,430 478,452
Other Expenses/Transfers 0 0 0 0 0
Total Expenditure (B) 19,193 17,090 17,790 5,802,495 17,455,030
Surplus / (Deficit) (A-B) -19,193 -17,090 -17,790 -5,753,495 -10,044,755
Balance Sheet Data
Fixed Assets 325 195 117 1,117,091 1,603,402
Immovable Assets 0 0 0 0 0
Current Assets (Other Than Cash) 1,100 700 300 742,628 1,224,878
Current Assets (Cash/Bank) 18,273 96,688 79,535 1,550,302 1,653,828
Total Current Assets 19,373 97,388 79,835 2,292,930 2,878,706
Investments 0 0 0 139,000 150,407
Accumulated Deficits 1,417,496 1,434,587 1,452,377 7,205,872 17,250,626
Total Assets 1,437,194 1,532,170 1,532,329 10,754,893 21,883,141
Trust Corpus 825,000 825,000 825,000 825,000 825,000
Total 825,000 825,000 825,000 825,000 825,000
Loans 605,000 700,000 700,000 9,497,108 20,400,000
Current Liabilities 7,194 7,170 7,329 432,785 658,141
Total Liabilities 1,437,194 1,532,170 1,532,329 10,754,893 21,883,141
Funds raised through our website

Rs 1.35 crore

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  • Its a good programme and it will help many NGOs which are working at Grassroot level.

    -By: Prakash Gaikwad - TISS
  • Congratulations for all efforts in listing out the NGOs. You have been doing a great job.

    -By: Chandana Sharma - ASHADEEP
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