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When someone is seriously ill, we know we can call an ambulance and take them to the hospital if they can't get there themselves. 

An injured animal may not be able to cry out for help. They may carry a disease for a long time before someone notices, or wander far away from their caregivers.

Now, thanks to the Good Samaritans at Thane SPCA, there is a way to bring them to peace and healing. 

Thane SPCA started off with a single cage, table and veterinarian. Soon after they began, a generous local philanthropist lent them his land to run their operations. Since then, they have treated over 1 lakh animals, and transformed the once rocky terrain in an interior part of Thane, Maharashtra into a green zone.

Anyone who has visited their campus will testify as to how animal-loving all the staff are. Every animal - whether an abandoned pedigreed pet, a wild animal who has lost its way, a beast of labour in its old age or a washed up dolphin is met with love and care by their team.

Their animal hospital runs on donations from people like you. They have a fully operational surgery and ICU with post-operative facilities, an X-ray unit, a quarantine ward, veterinarians and qualified staff to run the hospital and other services.

It costs Rs 30,000 a month, or around Rs 1,000 a day to keep the ambulance running. The ambulance is on call for rescue calls, mobile services, to release animals into the wild, run vaccination drives and much more.Check out their lively Facebook page for a peek into their world. (Warning - you could get hooked onto the stories they share!) 

Your contribution will help this wonderful service and the team behind it heal more animals. Any amount helps. Donate now!

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